49 Creative Ways to Supplement Your Income

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Supplement your income to give you greater peace of mind.

When most people think of supplemental income, they think of Social Security benefits. But you don’t have to wait until retirement age to build additional income streams. In this list, you’ll learn 47 creative ways to gain financial security by having more money flow into your life.

You don’t have to receive social security benefits to supplement your income. Try these creative side hustles and gigs for additional money.

What does “supplementing income” mean?

It’s any additional income or extra money you make outside your primary paycheck, which you receive from a job.

So, whether you plan to cover expenses, pay off debt, or build an emergency fund, having side hustles with your full-time job can help you move closer to financial independence.

I want you to know I am a big fan of side hustles. It helped me achieve my financial goals and fueled my desire for financial freedom. Doing side hustles made me realize that there truly is only so much I can cut out of my budget (before it starts affecting the quality of my life), but earning more money is limitless.

Here are the best ways to earn extra cash to supplement your monthly income.

Supplement Income  Ideas

In this list, I am including side hustles I’ve done myself, including completing surveys, driving for Amazon Flex, building furniture, and other freelance opportunities like writing and design to supplement my income.

1. Blog about your ideas and passions

Having a blog can help you generate passive income for years. It does take a bit more time to get started and effort to find your readers. But once you do, you can earn income through ads, affiliates, and sponsors. You can also sell products directly to your readers. To get started, you’ll need a URL, a hosting plan, and a blog platform. I like using WordPress because it’s simple to do. Start the process by going to Siteground and registering your domain, then choosing a hosting plan. Siteground easily sets up your WordPress blog within minutes.

Read the details of starting a WordPress blog here.

2. Deliver food to hungry people

Delivering food using delivery apps means you’re an independent contractor. It also means you decide when and how much you want to work. Your options include DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart. They all connect you to gigs that get hungry people their food from restaurants. Through meal deliveries, you earn a base delivery and can receive tips. Maximize your earnings and use multiple delivery service apps.

3. Complete errands and tasks

Use your skills and help others complete tasks such as assembling Ikea furniture (yes, that’s a thing), putting up picture frames, moving furniture, and working from home opportunities like data entry and research. Do as many errands and tasks as you can fit in a day for more cash. The best app to use is TaskRabbit.

You can also find more task-oriented gigs here.

4. Drive other people

Drive people to the places they need to go to make extra money. Uber and Lyft are the two companies with millions of users. A friend makes $1500 extra monthly, and the income is helping him pay off student loans faster. 

5. Deliver packages and groceries

If you don’t want strangers in your car, then delivering packages and groceries is a good option. Depending on your location, Amazon Flex is a great option. You can deliver packages and groceries to Amazon customers within your local community.

6. Rent your car to others

Did you know a car sits idle 75% of the time? Why not make money renting your cars to others? You don’t need a luxury vehicle to do this. With Turo or Getaround, you can easily list your car and make it available for hourly or daily rentals. Turo and Getaround are marketplaces that connect car owners with renters. To earn more, you’ll need to be in a popular area or have a higher-end luxury car. However, we have found that most good solid SUVs or minivans can be moneymakers. 

7. Place ads on your car

Supplement your ridesharing by placing advertisements on your car and driving normally. Drivers report making hundreds or over a thousand dollars monthly or on a sign marketing campaign. It’s easy to wrap your car with ads to make extra income using Carvertise and Wrapify.

9. Dog walk or pet sit

Love dogs and cats? Many pet parents need help walking or sitting their pet babies. It’s possible to earn $30 for a 20-minute dog walk. Rover is a leader in the industry and can connect you to owners looking for someone to take care of their furry family members. You can walk, board, and play with pets. This can be a good recurring source of income for dog and cat lovers.

10. Design logos and short videos

If you’re artistic or technically savvy, you can help entrepreneurs and influencers by offering creative skills on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. With Fiverr, you can create offers for customers. Through Upwork, you can browse job listings and apply. Find other video freelancing opportunities here.

11. Create an experience for travelers

Viator can help you create an experience for travelers visiting your city. A buddy hosts coffee experiences around his town, loves how he’s met so many awesome people and gets paid to do so. Think about your favorite restaurant or spots that only locals know. Is there an awesome viewpoint for sunsets? Create an experience.

12. Write articles as a freelancer

This is one of my favorite gigs. If you enjoy writing, many places are looking for content writers. And you don’t have to be a professional writer. Typically, your pay depends on your skill level and can increase with time. Sites like Textbroker, a marketplace connecting publishers with writers, make it easy to find writing gigs, so you don’t have to wonder where to find them.

Find more freelance writing gigs here.

13. Fix resumes for the job seeker

Years ago, I offered this gig to friends and was paid $50 to write and edit resumes. I realize that’s on the lower end. You can certainly make more than $50 writing resumes. The best place to start is by posting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Offer services such as reviewing, editing, or writing resumes. You can also offer to review and edit LinkedIn profiles. If you don’t want to post on your socials, you can also create a gig listing on Fiverr.

14. Teach English or a foreign language

Many people are looking to practice their English speaking skills. And there is an app that’ll help you earn cash to help them. Two popular apps are Rosetta Stone and iTalki. These two sites connect you with people from all over the world trying to learn new languages. You can set up your schedule that works best for you. And with only a few hours per week, you can turn your language skills into money.

15. Make YouTube videos and tutorials

Have something to say but aren’t a natural writer? YouTube can be your place to shine and earn money. Millions of people watch YouTube videos for entertainment and troubleshooting. So, if you know how to fix things or are interested in a subject, start a YouTube channel. Share your knowledge in a video and make money through ads, sponsorships, or selling a service to your viewers. You can start by using your smartphone. Then, upgrade if it’s something you want to continue doing.

For cameras, check out the simple Sony ZV-1 or DJI Pocket 3.
For microphones, look into Rode Video Mic or DJI Wireless Mic.

16. Do store audits

Yes, you can make money doing store audits. These gigs require you to go to a retail store, walk around, snap photos, and complete a questionnaire. And if you have to talk to an employee during the audits, you’ll often get paid more. My go-to is FieldAgent, which has many opportunities and is an easy-to-use app. You can also find more ways in our best secret shopper apps list.

17. Be a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is another way to supplement income, which involves more work than audits. You’ll be required to interact with employees and maybe eat meals at restaurants. Then, you’ll need to provide a comprehensive review of your experience. Payments often include reimbursements for expenses along with the mystery shop payment. Find secret shopping apps.

18. Be a tutor to a college or high school student

Use your knowledge and tutor students for additional cash. As a Tutor, you help students who are having trouble understanding a subject. It can be in English, math, or science, or they might need assistance with basic study skills. You can help students by breaking down a lesson into something they can easily understand. A great place to start is Chegg, where they connect students of all ages from elementary to college.

19. Rent your space

Don’t let that empty bedroom go unused. You can offer short-term rentals of unused spaces to a person looking for unique accommodation. The most popular marketplace is Airbnb. With Airbnb, you can rent your home, second bedroom, or spare room to travelers seeking a more home feel during their travels.

20. Offer support services

Do you enjoy crunching numbers? Do you love spreadsheets? Or do you know how to fix a leaking faucet or unclog a drain? Join TaskRabbit and Handy. Both apps help you find local gigs that suit your skills. Using these marketplaces also removes the need to ask for payment since it’s done within the app. To find data entry, spreadsheets, or desk work, go to FlexJobs, Upwork, and Freelancer.

21. Be a virtual assistant

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners need virtual assistants to help with emails, research, and general activities. If you’re detail-oriented and enjoy supporting professionals, becoming a virtual assistant is a good option. VAs can offer a multitude of services, from social media management to Pinterest help to media inquiries.

22. Do transcriptions and translations

Businesses and entrepreneurs need help transcribing video into text and captioning audio. You can do this in the comfort of your home. Find gigs with GMR Transcriptions and Rev for transcriptions and translations.

22. Clean other people’s homes

Another way to supplement income is through cleaning homes. Many people need assistance with everyday chores like doing laundry and cleaning. Make extra cash in your free time and use marketplaces like TaskRabbit or Care.com to help you find cleaning gigs in your area.

23. Babysit children

You can help a parent in need of a babysitter. You can start by asking your network for referrals. Or, if you’d like, consider applying to Care.com, a service that vets babysitters and connects you with gigs. You can also find opportunities using Nannylane or Bambino.

24. Help seniors

If babysitting isn’t something you’d like to do, consider helping seniors around their house or running errands for them. Care.com is the site to get you started as an on-demand and paid caregiver. Find more caregiving gigs like that here.

25. Sell designs on t-shirts, hats, and mugs

Do you have a mantra or a design you think would look great on a shirt? You don’t need to carry inventory in your home. There are many print-on-demand services that can help you monetize your designs without carrying inventory, fulfillment, or replying to customer inquiries. Essentially, you can offer products to customers with your designs printed on many things, from mugs to t-shirts to pillows to tote bags.

26. Sell your handmade craft or unique artwork

For those who have a talent for creating custom, handcrafted, and unique items, Etsy can be the place to make extra cash. My sister-in-law makes thousands of dollars selling handcrafted crotched items through Etsy. Maybe you know calligraphy or can scorch wooden planks to look like the ocean has battered them. There’s a market waiting for your handicraft. Get creative and make products. Check out Aftcra and Amazon Handmade, too.

27. Design printables and spreadsheets

Make money designing printables. These are documents that people can download and print for themselves. You can create printables for just about anything, from budget templates to posters. And if you’re a pro on Google Sheets or Excel, you can sell your well-designed digital sheet to others. Learn how to start your own printables side hustle and launch a digital downloads business.

Canva is a powerful design tool. It’s also free to use, but you can upgrade for more features. It’s our go-to platform for making designs.

28. Become an instructor

Many people want to learn specific skills. With Udemy, you can teach an online course on any subject with a dedicated community of learners. Learn how to start your own online course and teach others a skill.

29. Create and sell an online course

Share your knowledge with others through an online course. Share your knowledge and make recurring income with those who want a bit more guidance than simply reading a blog post or article. A course can help you supplement income and support your students in mastering a skill they need. Learn all about starting an online course here.

30. Write and self-publish a book

Self-publish your novel and sell it directly on Amazon. I self-published a crowdfunding book a few years ago. It still passively makes a few dollars per month. Learn how to self-publish your first book using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

You can also turn your self-published book into an audiobook on Audible and make additional income that way too.

31. Sell an ebook

If selling on Amazon seems too complicated, you can create an ebook, which is basically a PDF document. What your ebook is about and how much you want to charge for it is totally up to you. Many people write their ebooks using Word or Google Docs and then use Canva to design their ebooks. You can sell your ebook on Amazon KDP and use WooCommerce, Gumroad, and other similar platforms. They’ll handle all the sales.

32. Start a podcast

You might need a good amount of time before you start earning money with a podcast. So if you’ve wanted to do podcasting to make extra cash, start today. Podcasters make money through ads and sponsorships. You can use free services like Spotify to get your podcast uploaded to streaming services in no time. When recording your podcast, think about the quality of the sound. Popular microphone options for beginners include the Blue Yeti. Samson microphone or Audio-Technica ATR2100.

Read more about starting a podcast

33. Sell your smartphone photos

Make money off your smartphone pics. Foap marketplace helps you turn your pictures and videos into cash. You can earn money selling photos taken from your iOS or Android smartphones.

34. License your professional photos

Take those professional photos and license your work for use by others. Start making money with your photos through Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pond5.

35. Cash through a clinical trial

Adventurous type? Join a study and make money from pharmaceutical companies conducting human drug trials. Check the website: www.ClinicalTrials.gov.

36. Donate your plasma

Find a plasma center near you and make money donating your plasma for medical use to treat some rare diseases. How much you make depends on various factors, but it’s reported that one donation can fetch a hundred dollars. And there’s a bigger benefit; your plasma donation can help others through their medical conditions. Check the website: www.DonatingPlasma.org.

37. Rent your recreational vehicle and boat

Recreational vehicles are expensive assets to own due to maintenance. What if you can have it make money for you when not in use? Rent them out to supplement your income. Your options include Boatsetter to rent your boat and Outdoorsy to rent out your RVs.

38. Complete online surveys

Supplement your income with paid online surveys. The reality is you won’t make a lot of money, but you will make something. I’ve earned a total of $400 through these online survey companies.

Your option for legitimate paid surveys is InboxDollars. Get smarter doing online surveys, use multiple companies, and stack the earnings. Read the list of the best paid online surveys.

39. Rent your driveway or parking spot

Yup, you can make money renting your parking space or driveway. This is best for people who live in downtown areas or prime locations near stadiums and event venues. SpotHero enables you to list your space, and they’ll manage it all for you.

40. Fund the loans of others

You can supplement income by being a lender. Basically, you will crowdfund loans made to borrowers who use sites like Prosper. It’s a good way to diversify your investments, but it comes with risks, such as the borrower not repaying the loan. One thing to understand is that you won’t be funding the entire amount of a borrower’s loan. You’ll be part of a group of investors. 

41. Start a private membership

People want to connect even more today with subjects and interests. More services allow you to make connections and monetize them. For example, you can start a Discord group on Marvel movies and charge your members a monthly fee. I’ve seen membership sites for every interest you can imagine and monthly sub fees from $5 to $100. Learn how to launch your very own membership site.

42. Start an activity group

Do you have a fondness for SciFi movies or outdoor hikes? Start a group on Meetup and create paid activities.

The following are other ways to supplement income.

43. Sell your used clothes and items

Poshmark is a good place to sell designer clothes, accessories, and shoes to shoppers who want your unique style. You can also sell non-luxury items on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and OfferUp. My sister-in-law sells my niece’s used baby and toddler clothes and helped start a savings fund for them. Learn more ways to sell used clothes online.

44. Sell old books and DVDs

Amazon has been a solid place to sell my library’s worth of books. However, if you want the books and other media out of the home, use a service like Decluttr. They buy your used tech, books, and DVDs. This approach keeps you from having to post and respond to buyers. You can also find more places to sell your stuff here.

45. Sell your smartphone and old tech

Sell your used smartphone using online marketplaces. I’ve had success selling on Facebook Marketplace and eBay. I usually get top dollar for doing so. You can also sell your smartphone and other tech to companies like Decluttr or Gazelle. The benefit of doing so is that you often won’t get the most money, but you’ll remove the hassle of having to deal with potential buyers.

Find more ways to sell your stuff.

The following are ways to decrease expenses and keep more money in your pockets. Now, that’s a creative way to supplement income.  

46. Use cashback shopping portals

When shopping online, you should spend the least amount of money by using cashback shopping portals. My favorite is Rakuten. Don’t pay more than you have to for any item you buy online.

47. Scan your grocery receipts

Get money back from your grocery shopping. The two must-use apps are Ibotta and Fetch Rewards. These are simple apps to scan your receipts and get cash back. And if you refer family and friends, you’ll earn money too.  

48. Get cashback from gas purchases

Now, you can also get money back from your gasoline purchase. GetUpside helps you find the cheapest gas in your area. Scan your receipt to earn your cashback.

49. Start bank bonus hacking

Recently, I urged my parents to diversify their income streams. They enjoyed doing new bank account bonus hacks. In fact, they’ve made $1000 extra money in just 3 months. There are many ways to hack the bonuses, and they can be found with a Google search.

Other Ideas to Supplement Your Income

Start earning money to supplement your income. Doing so can help you achieve your financial goals sooner. For more ideas, check out the side hustle marketplace.

Have any other ideas to supplement your income? Share your gigs below.


    • Thanks. PineCone was my first too. I remember testing out the stuff they've sent. Always wondered if they ever went to market.
  1. Some people make pretty good money on youtube. I found some new sources on this list. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Some affordable ideas to generate extra income, some more practical than others. What I find interesting is that some of my entrepreneurial friends started out with looking to supplement their income through some sort of activity. In the end, their supplemental income became their main income and grew into a small business.
  3. It's really interesting that the idea of sharing items (cars, books, boats, etc) is really taking off in our day and age. Though the idea itself is as old as the world, it's really getting a second life. Want to rent a room or a house? No problem. AirBNB is the way to go. Want to rent a boat. Same thing. Just check out https://www.boatsetter.com/ and you can use any kind of boat before you know it.
  4. I can vouch that AirBNB has SUBSTANTIALLY supplemented my income. It's doubled my annual take home salary. Also, even though it's not an income supplement, I think it's worth noting that whenever you choose to shop online, you can get money back with ebates! I love getting those checks in the mail.

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