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Welcome #roadwarriors. What began as an experiment to break the social taboo about money has become a movement of thousands of people who believe in purposeful and experiential living through sound financial decision-making.

Today, we continue that mission to empower you with knowledge, access, and community.

The vision is for us to live fully in purpose, not stressfully chasing purchases. The goal is mastery of money so it no longer drives our life, but empowers us to live financially well.

Don’t be driven by money. Learn to use money as fuel on your road to financial wellness.

Beginners Guide to Financial Wellbeing

What is financial wellness? Why does it matter?
Learn how money impacts your overall health and quality of living.

Financial Wellness Stages

We all start somewhere. Which path are you on right now? Learn more about the financial wellness roadmap or click below.

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30 Day Financial Wellness Challenge

Improve your financial health and wellbeing.
Email series, online course, ebook and more.

The Smile University

An online learning community to
master mindset, create wealth, and live well.

What are you looking to achieve?

Think about your life goals and what can help you live well.

Financial Wellness Programs

We partner and support credit unions, fintechs, government organizations, employee resource groups, community associations and more.

Credit Unions and Community Banks

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