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  • Craigslist / Sell Your Used or Unwanted Items to Locals


    Craigslist is an online classified website that helps you sell your stuff like clothes, furniture, electronics, and gear.
    List your items and feel secure with anonymity in posting and privacy using Craigslist’s email relay system.

  • The Real Real / Sell Your Luxury Items and Designer Goods


    The RealReal is an online marketplace that enables you to sell used luxury items and make money from items you no longer use. You can sell designer handbags, shoes, watches, clothes, books, jewelry, and much more.

  • AbeBooks / Sell Used, Rare, Out-of-Print books, Art and Collectibles


    AbeBooks offers an opportunity for book lovers to turn their passion into profit. With its global reach and seller tools, you can sell your used, rare, out-of-print books or art and collectibles to dedicated book buyers and the collectibles community.

  • Aftcra / Sell Handcrafted Made in the USA Items

    Aftcra is a marketplace specializing in handmade goods crafted by independent artisans across the United States. List and sell your original and high-quality creations to a small, dedicated audience.

  • Ruby Lane / A Marketplace for Vintage and Collectible Items

    Ruby Lane is a good platform for vintage enthusiasts and collectors. Its specialized marketplace offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in turning their love for vintage items into a profitable side hustle.

  • EcoATM / Sell Your Cellphone and Tablet Using a Kiosk

    ecoATM offers a hassle-free way to sell used electronics quickly and conveniently. The kiosks accept various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players. The automated process makes it easy for users to receive instant payment.

  • Swappa / Marketplace to Sell Your Electronics and Tech Gear

    Swappa is a marketplace for buying and selling used electronics, from smartphones, tablets, watches, and other electronic gear. You can sell your tech gear for cash taking advantage of Swappa’s large user base.

  • Vestiaire Collective / Sell Second-hand Designer Clothes and Accessories

    Vestiaire Collective caters to fashion-forward individuals who are passionate about sustainable shopping and luxury fashion. If you’re looking to monetize your wardrobe, learn more about the marketplace for second-hand designer fashions.

  • Nextdoor / Share Your Side Gigs and Hustles with Your Neighbors

    Nextdoor is a platform to connect with your neighbors. It enables you to share experiences, find local services and allows you to sell stuff locally. The platform offers a unique opportunity to establish a profitable side hustle within their community.

  • Mercari Sell Almost Anything in Your Online Store


    Mercari is a marketplace that allows anyone to have their own online store.  Start selling items, from everyday items to luxury fashions to handmade goods.

  • ThredUp / Sell Your Luxury or Designer Items Without the Work


    ThredUP is an e-commerce platform like an online thrift store or consignment shop. It enables you to sell new, used, gently worn, luxury, or designer goods and accessories.

    • Best for people looking to make extra cash who don’t want to deal with customers, shipping, or returns.
  • eBay / Start Selling Used or New Items

    eBay marketplace is where sellers can open an online store and list used and new items. Whether you want to make some extra cash, clear out unwanted items from around the house, or even start a business, it’s easy to start selling on eBay.

  • Poshmark / Sell Your Clothes and Stuff Through a Social Community

    Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace for buying and selling clothing, shoes, home decor, and more. Whether cleaning out your closet or curating a collection, Poshmark is a platform to turn your fashion finds into cash.

  • Facebook Marketplace / Sell Stuff Locally and Make Extra Cash

    Facebook Marketplace lets you sell your stuff, like furniture, smartphones, clothes, and many more items, within your network and the local community.

    • You can easily list your items with a quick photo and have them available for sale immediately.
  • OfferUp / Sell Your Stuff and Other Items Locally

    OfferUp lets you sell your used stuff or any item to local buyers. Sell your clothes, cars, furniture, tools, and more and start making money on the side.

  • Decluttr / Sell Your Smartphone, Tech and Books Instantly

    Decluttr provides a convenient and hassle-free way to declutter your home and earn extra money. Its easy-to-use platform makes it a good option to turn clutter into cash with minimal effort.

What does it mean to sell your stuff?

It’s about selling items you don’t need, haven’t used in some time, or no longer want to someone else who needs it.

You can sell:

  • used clothes, shoes, and accessories
  • furniture, decorations, and other household goods
  • smartphone, iPads, and other tech gear
  • cars, tires, tools, and musical instruments

If you bought it, there’s a good chance someone else will buy it from you.

Instead of letting them collect dust or having them end up in the landfill, turn it into cash.

Find the best places to sell your stuff for cash.

Our list of the best apps available is found here.

Turn your unwanted things into cash that you can use to reach your financial goals.



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