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Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for creative freelancers and professionals. You can create an account and offer services and gigs on the platform to earn extra income.

  • Sign up for free, set up your gigs in over 200 categories, and offer your work to a global audience.
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Fiverr review quick take: One of the world’s largest online marketplace for sellers to post gigs and skills to earn income as a freelancer.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces connecting freelancers with clients who are looking for graphic design and content creation to digital marketing and programming. Launched in 2010, the marketplace has a 3.6 Trustpilot rating with over 10,000 reviews.

How Fiverr Freelancer Works

As a freelancer, you can offer services ranging from logo design and social media management to voiceovers and website development. There are many unique services you can offer as part of your side hustle.

  • No subscription or fees are required to list your services. You keep 80% of each transaction.
  • Get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.

Fiverr provides a secure framework for transactions, ensuring both parties fulfill their obligations. Customers can browse through a bunch of services listed by freelancers (known as “sellers”) and select the one they need. Upon choosing a service, clients can communicate with sellers, negotiate terms, and eventually place an order. 

Side Hustle Potential

Fiverr offers you an opportunity to use your skills and time to make money, all from the comfort of your home.

Requirement: You’ll need a computer, an internet connection, and the skills to offer your services. 

Average Earnings: While earnings on Fiverr can vary widely, many freelancers report earning hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month through Fiverr gigs. Beginners might start modestly but can grow significantly. 

Pros & Cons


  • Diverse Opportunities: Fiverr allows you to post many different skills and gigs to potential clients.
  • Flexibility: You can set your own schedules and work from anywhere in the world.


  • Competition: The sheer volume of freelancers on Fiverr can make it challenging for newcomers to stand out.
  • Service Fees: Fiverr deducts a percentage of earnings as service fees, which can eat into profits.

Fiverr Freelancer is Best For

Fiverr is ideal for anyone with skills they want to offer and sell to others. Think about what you can do and what gig you’d like to offer, then start selling.

Our Fiverr Review

Fiverr is a legitimate platform for freelancers and clients to connect.

  1. Transparent Operations: The platform facilitates secure transactions and offers dispute resolution to address any issues.
  2. Identity Verification: Freelancers are required to verify their identities through government-issued identification, and clients must provide valid payment information.
  3. Payment Protection: Fiverr offers payment protection for both freelancers and clients through its escrow system.
  4. Rating and Review System: Freelancers can review clients, helping to maintain accountability and transparency within the platform.

Fiverr Alternatives

There are Upwork Freelance alternatives for the side hustler, such as Upwork and Guru, which connects freelancers with clients, and Toptal, which focuses on connecting top-tier freelancers with high-profile clients.

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