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I’m Jason Vitug, founder at phroogal, creator of the Road to Financial Wellness, and author of You Only Live Once, a national bestseller and NY Times reviewed book.

In 2013, I started this blog to give a unique perspective on money and create a better way to discover products and services to help you live your best life.

Read more about our history and just-in-time approach to financial products.

My life’s purpose is to empower you to live well.

I’m currently focused on the financial stuff that impacts our wellbeing. In order to survive in our society, we need money. That’s the cold hard cash truth.  I’m not here to tell you money is bad. I’m here to help you understand money, so it can work for you.

A bit more about me. I struggled with my finances. The lack of financial knowledge impacted my life. It caused me to be indebted, drowning in student loans, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and having many sleepless nights worrying about my financial life.

If you are in a place where I was before, I want to help you. And if you want to level up your finances and create real wealth then phroogal is the best place to start.

Jason Vitug Author
A first time bestselling and New York Times reviewed author.

You can learn more about me through my personal website and my book, You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life.

I believe money is important but it shouldn’t rule over our lives. I’ve seen enough broke and wealthy people with similar states of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I made it my mission to help people by having a different type of financial conversation. A community where we understand that money isn’t the goal. Money is the tool to achieve the goals.

Sure, I want you to achieve goals, but I want you to be fulfilled by them.

My contributors and I talk lots about money, but mostly about how it improves our lives. There’s more to living than filtering life decisions based solely on finances. We believe money isn’t everything, but money does impact most things. The goal is to help you master money so you can spend more time enjoying life and more resources to build your dream life.

Our phroogal Vision and Mission

Our vision is a generation empowered to live experiential and purposeful lives through sound financial decision-making. The mission is to empower you to live well through health and wealth. Our aim is to offer insightful articles that explores and shares the intersection of happiness and money. Our tools are built to give you access to the best money apps and financial services.

About phroogal and Jason Vitug

Smile Money Philosophy

Through the years, I’ve learned the following to be true:

  • money is a tool,
  • time is a finite resource,
  • practice financial and self-awareness,
  • use the best products and services,
  • continuously learn,
  • have a vision for living,
  • spend mindfully,
  • save purposefully,
  • invest intentionally,
  • align financial decisions based on values,
  • and set financial goals that serve your purpose.

Are you ready to go on your financial wellness journey? 

What started as an experiment to break the social taboo about money has evolved into a movement helping thousands of people get on the road to financial wellness.

Want to learn about my national road trips? Get the stats and read the road trip recap.

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Why Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is about your health and wealth. It’s about the overall quality of the life you’re living.

Financial Wellness is the active pursuit of healthy living through financial planning and goal setting to live your best life.

The keyword is an active pursuit which means taking action to improve your financial situation and well-being.

You can learn more about what it means with our financial wellness guide.

We’re helping you with knowledge, access, and community so you can: pay off debt, manage money, save more, spend better, build wealth, and retire at any age.

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