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  • Field Agent Earn Money with Mystery Shops and Audits

    • Field Agent is a legitimate and verified mobile app to earn money completing mystery shops, store and display audits, and customer service reviews.
    • Audits are reviewed for quality assurance and typically paid within 24 hours.
    • Request payouts of any amount direct deposited into your checking account.
    • Free. No fees. No minimum number of shops or audits for payouts.
  • Shopkick Rewards for Online Shopping and In-Store Check-ins

    • Shopkick is a free mobile shopping app to earn points (kicks) for online, mobile, and in-store shopping.
    • Earn additional points for checking in and walking inside partner retailer stores, scanning product barcodes, and purchasing select deals.
    • Easily earn points with select retailers by linking your card and exchanging reward points (kicks) for digital gift cards.

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  • Mobee Secret Shops and Audits

    • Mobee is a legitimate and verified secret shopper mobile app to earn points by completing mystery shops and audits of local businesses.
    • Find a mission by searching on the map, arrive at the location, answer questions, take photos, and submit for review.
    • Redeem points for gift cards and prizes.

    Bonus: Use referral code “CDJR” and get 300 bonus points.

  • Gigwalk Mystery Shops and Audits to Earn Money

    • Gigwalk is a legitimate and verified mobile app for mystery shops, tasks, and store audits.
    • Earn money completing shops such as taking photos, interacting with an employee, and answering questions.
    • Gigwalk is free for users, easily set up an account, find local gigs with shops updated frequently.
    • Completed and accepted shops are paid quickly through Paypal.

What is Secret Shopping?

Secret shopping, also known as mystery shopping, is a market research technique where individuals, known as secret shoppers, pose as regular customers to evaluate various aspects of a business. Mystery shops can include customer service, cleanliness, product presentation, and adherence to company policies.

Mystery shoppers provide valuable feedback to businesses, helping them identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Who Can Be a Secret Shopper?

Virtually anyone with a keen eye for detail, good observational skills, and excellent communication abilities can become a secret shopper.

How Secret Shoppers Make Money

Secret shoppers typically earn money through a combination of payment for their services and reimbursement for purchases made during assignments.

Compensation varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the assignment, the time required, and the specific requirements set by the company or agency hiring the secret shopper.

There are three ways secret shoppers are paid, including:

    1. Cash only. A flat fee to complete a secret shop that doesn’t require any purchases.
    1. Reimbursement only. Usually, with restaurant jobs, you get a “free” meal with reimbursement up to a certain amount.
  1. Cash and reimbursements. You get the flat fee and are reimbursed for the meal or product purchased. Keep your receipts.

While some assignments offer modest payments, others may provide lucrative opportunities, especially for experienced secret shoppers.

Pros and Cons

Like any endeavor, mystery shopping has its advantages and challenges.


  1. Flexible Schedule: mystery shopping allows you to work on your own time, making it an ideal option for those with busy schedules or multiple commitments.
  2. Variety: Each assignment presents a unique experience, offering diversity and excitement to secret shoppers.
  3. Perks: In addition to payment, secret shoppers often receive free products or services as part of their assignments.


  1. Uncertain Income: Income from mystery shopping can be inconsistent, depending on the availability of assignments and the policies of the hiring companies.
  2. Time Investment: Some assignments may require significant time and effort, especially when factoring in travel and detailed reporting.
  3. Rejection: Not all applicants may qualify for every assignment; competition can be fierce for coveted opportunities.

Steps to Get Started with Mystery Shopping

  1. Research Companies: Look for reputable mystery shopping companies or agencies with a track record of fair compensation and reliable assignments.
  2. Sign Up: Create profiles on multiple platforms and agencies to increase your chances of receiving assignments.
  3. Build Your Skills: Hone your observation and communication skills to excel as a secret shopper.
  4. Stay Organized: Keep track of assignments, deadlines, and reporting requirements to ensure timely and accurate submissions.
  5. Seek Feedback: Learn from each assignment and seek feedback from companies or fellow secret shoppers to improve your performance.

Secret Shopper Tips for Success

You cannot disclose you’re a “secret shopper” or doing a mystery shop.

The goal is to interact with the business as a customer to get a typical customer’s experience. Your feedback helps clients improve their business and services.

In a typical secret shopper job, you will make note of the following:

    • evaluate the appearance of the business
    • interaction with employees and quality of service provided
    • placement of marketing materials
    • audit a call center or retail store with a phone inquiry
    • whatever else the client needs

What Happens as a Secret Shopper

As a secret shopper, you’ll interact with the business or employees. Some shops are quick and require photos of a location or asking a quick question to an employee. While other shops might require you to sit down and enjoy a meal or watch a movie.

Other mystery shops may be more extensive and require you to pose as a shopper asking multiple and specific questions about a product.

There’s a bit of acting involved.

If you’re uncomfortable acting in some situations, being a secret shopper may not be the right fit. However, keep in mind you’re posing as a shopper, and for most of us, that’s in our nature.

Beware of Secret Shopper Scams

Secret shopper companies will not give you money without an actual mystery shopping job. Nor will they ask you for money to complete a gig.

Scams purporting to be secret shopping jobs tell people to cash checks or make money transfers. These are not legitimate. These scammers are preying on your desire to make money quickly.

When in doubt, remember that a secret shopper company will not ask you to give them money.

To get a secret shopper job, you’ll need to apply to a legitimate company with a track record of success and good ratings on reputable websites such as Better Business Bureau.

Once accepted to a legitimate secret shopper company, you’ll wait until jobs are available in your area.

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