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RentAFriend lets you earn money being a friend to someone in need. Think of it as another rental service for social people who want a personal experience and a platonic friend.

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RentAFriend review quick take: An opportunity to make money as a companion and platonic friend. It sounds exactly what it is, but not as creepy. In fact, people want a platonic friendship for social well-being.

What is RentAFriend?

RentAFriend.com is a platform that allows you to rent local friends from around the world. In return, you can get paid as a professional friend, too.

RentAFriend is not a dating website nor an escort service. It is simply a friend for hire to explore a museum, teach a new skill, have a conversation, as a workout partner, watch a movie, or more.

How to Make Money with RentAFriend

As a RentAFriend member, you can make money and become a real friend for $10 an hour. Sometimes, a lonely person needs friendly activities and a social life. You can get paid to be a friend.

People look for friends to do all sorts of things. You can make money as a rentable friend by accompanying others to ballgames and parties or simply showing them around a new city.

  • RentAFriend is currently looking for friends worldwide.
  • The website states you can earn up to $50 per hour, which includes free meals, concerts, events, and more. Keep 100% of the money you make
  • You can set your own hours, rate, and work when you want.
  • Set up a profile on RentAFriend for free.

RentAFriend states friends can make good monthly income in the thousands.


  • Complete an application and get approved.
  • Your profile is made available to the community.
  • You make the rules and are not required to do anything you don’t want to.
  • Before the meetup, discuss all of the details, including the time, date, location plans, and payment.

RentAFriend reminds users: You are NOT going on a date. This is for friendship purposes.


  • Becoming a rentable friend is free.
  • People looking for friends must pay a membership fee.

Pros and Cons


  • Only paid members can contact friends for hire.
  • Members can call, text, or message you through the website.
  • It’s up to you to decide your preferred method of communication.
  • There is no obligation to be friends with anyone who contacts you.


  • Limited knowledge of who your potential new friend is.
  • Unwanted flirtations.
  • The website needs an update.

Who is it best for

RentAFriend is best for outgoing and extroverted people looking to make money and have a fun time. It’s best for those who enjoy being activity partners.

RentAFriend Review

In our RentAFriend review, we discovered people rent friends for many reasons. On Reddit, a user stated they rented older friends to play as parents for an event. Sounds like an interesting way to use a rentable friend. In a Pennyhoarder article, a writer stated a friend he met and interviewed from the service started as a paid bridesmaid.

A word of caution: Be mindful of fraudsters, scammers, and anyone asking for or offering friendship and companionship to lure you into risky investments, crypto schemes, and romance scams.

What has been your experience? Leave a review.

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caring for others, conversations with people



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4 Reviews For This Product

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    by Moses Olorunfemi

    I’m interested to be coming a friend

  2. 04

    by Raji Abdulrasheed

    To be part of the program to make peeole happy. To likewise make friends around the world.

  3. 04

    by Tariq Ansari

    It is good platform

  4. 04

    by Ushna Chaudhary

    I think this is gonna help me🤞🏼

    • by Jason Vitug

      Let us know about your experience. It will help others understand how RentAFriend works.

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