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ACX.com offers voiceover artists and narrators an opportunity to take their talent into a profitable side hustle. The platform offers audiobook projects and royalty-earning potential, empowering you to pursue your passion for narration and make money along the way.

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ACX review quick take: A platform to turn your voice talent into a money maker with voiceover work and book narrations.

What is ACX?

ACX, or Audiobook Creation Exchange, is an online platform owned by Audible (an Amazon company) that connects authors, publishers, and rights holders with narrators and producers to create audiobooks. It serves as a marketplace for audiobook production and distribution.

How ACX Works

ACX offers a range of services for voiceover artists and narrators, including audition opportunities, project management tools, and royalty distribution.

  1. Authors and rights holders post audiobook projects on ACX, specifying their requirements, budget, and audition criteria.
  2. Narrators can find projects across various genres and styles, from fiction and non-fiction to children’s books and self-help titles.
  3. Narrators and producers audition for projects by submitting sample recordings.
  4. Once selected, they collaborate with rights holders to produce and finalize the audiobook.

Side Hustle Potential

ACX provides voiceover artists and narrators with a viable side hustle opportunity, allowing them to monetize their talent and earn royalties from audiobook sales.

Requirements: You’ll need professional-grade recording equipment, voice acting and narration proficiency, and the ability to meet project deadlines. Popular microphone options for beginners include the Blue Yeti or Audio-Technica ATR2100.

Average Earnings: This can vary depending on factors such as the length and complexity of audiobook projects, narrator experience, and royalty agreements. Many narrators report earning royalties ranging from $50 to $400 per finished hour of audiobook narration, with potential for higher earnings for in-demand narrators and best-selling titles.

Pros & Cons


  • Access to opportunities: ACX provides narrators access to a wide range of audiobook projects.
  • Royalty earnings: Narrators have the potential to earn royalties from audiobook sales, providing a source of passive income over time.
  • Flexibility: ACX offers flexibility in project selection, allowing narrators to choose projects that align with their interests, schedule, and skill level.


  • Competition: The platform has a large pool of narrators competing for audiobook projects, making it challenging for new narrators to stand out and secure projects.
  • Unpaid auditions: Some projects on ACX require narrators to submit unpaid auditions, which may not always lead to selection for the project.
  • Royalty structure: Royalty earnings on ACX are dependent on audiobook sales, which can fluctuate and may take time to generate substantial income.

How to Get Start with ACX as a Voice Talent

Step 1: Create a profile

Include as much detail about yourself and your interests in your profile as possible to help authors and clients find you. Make sure you add background information and voice samples too.

Step 2: Start auditioning

Start your search for projects. Look for work that interests you and seems like a good fit, record, and submit an audition. The requirements for each job will be posted alongside the opportunity.

Step 3: Work on the terms

Once you’re selected, you’ll work directly with the client to discuss pay structure and terms.

Step 4: Create the recording

Allow your talent to shine when doing the voice work. The clients will give you notes, and you’ll check in to ensure everything is going well. Remember, you are responsible for the end product.

Step 5: Get final approval

When the client approves the recording, you’ll submit the work to ACX’s quality assurance team, who will provide additional feedback if necessary.

Step 6: Collect your payment

This depends on your terms, whether you’ve chosen to be paid per hour or through royalties based on sales.

Once you’re done with a project, find a new one to work on.

ACX is Best For

ACX is best suited for voiceover artists and narrators seeking to monetize their talent and build a sustainable side hustle in audiobook narration.

Our ACX Review

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is a legitimate platform owned by Audible, an Amazon company. It was established in 2011 and serves as a reputable marketplace connecting authors, publishers, and rights holders with narrators, producers, and audio engineers to create audiobooks.

Our ACX review found that you don’t need your own book to do a book narration. Many publishers and authors are looking for voice talent. ACX is a good option if you’re looking to earn income with voiceover work.

In reviewing public comments. we learned ACX has a low Trustpilot rating. It’s mostly due to authors who leave negative reviews about getting a book approved for Audible. We were not able to find any alarming negative reviews about the service related to people looking for voice-over or book narration work.

Here’s why ACX could work for you:

  1. Transparent Operations: ACX operates transparently, providing clear guidelines and service terms for rights holders and narrators/producers.
  2. Identity Verification: Narrators and producers are required to provide accurate personal information during the registration process.
  3. Payment Protection: ACX offers payment protection for narrators, ensuring they receive compensation for their work.

ACX Alternatives

Some ACX alternatives include Voices.com, an online marketplace connecting voice actors with clients seeking voiceover services.

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