Creatively Job Platform for Artists and Creatives

  • Creatively.life is a job platform designed to connect professional and creative artists–graphic and fine artists, writers, fashion designers, animators, painters– with clients from across the globe.
  • Showcase your talent and portfolio easily.
  • Free to use and find work with large global brands.
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Creatively.life is an online professional job platform designed to connect artists with clients from across the globe.

What is Creatively?

Creatively job platform helps you find job listings or hire talented individuals. The platform allows professional artists in various industries such as photography, painting, drawing, clothing designers, architecture, and many more sectors to showcase their portfolios.

According to Stacey Bendet, the founder, the platform’s mission is to help creatives spotlight their incredible portfolios, connect, and find full-time, part-time, and freelance work, along with internships.

The platform is a tool to simplify the process of finding jobs for creatives and artists and for employers to find qualified professionals directly.

How to Make Money Using Creatively

As a creative professional, you can use the platform by posting your work and displaying your talent. This makes it easy for interested employers to recruit you.

Who is it for

The platform caters to creative artists and companies in different industries, including branding, photography, advertising, fashion, graphic designers, user interface design, product development, video production, architecture, and many more.

How users get paid

You are paid by the employers who require your services. The payment methods vary depending on the particular employer. The amount of money paid to you as an artist is also variable based on the agreement with the company. However, the platform has launched a new payment method whereby you can receive your payments on the same day.

How to Use Creatively

  1. Showcase your portfolio. A simple process allowing you to showcase your talent through high-resolution images while enabling employers to recruit you directly.
  2. Use digital tools to allow others to see the creative process. For example, companies can create and post video adverts of up to 30 seconds or post high-resolution images on the platform. Artists can be tagged for project roles and share knowledge through blog posts about their specific role in the project.
  3. Tag your work. Companies can tag the artists who participated in the project, such as the director, designer, and illustrator, among other participants. The artists can share knowledge regarding their roles and also give credit to other creators in the project.
  4. Share on Instagram. Post the images and videos on the platform’s Instagram page for increased exposure and finding new connections.

Key Features

  • Free to use. You are not charged any fee for signing up with the platform. You can create short video adverts lasting up to 30 seconds and high-resolution images and post them on the platform.
  • Connection. There is a direct interaction between creatives and employers. An employer can directly recruit you after viewing your profile.
  • Get creative inspiration. A special feature allowing for collaboration with other professionals.
  • Get credit for projects. Companies can tag artists who participated in a particular project and their roles.

Minimum Requirements

Entry-level and senior-level creatives in various industries are allowed to use the platform. As a user, you are required to have a portfolio of work in order to be eligible for signing up with the platform.


  • No fees. Currently, there are no charges for both creatives and employers. However, the platform plans to start charging employers or brands an annual or monthly fee for posting jobs, but the creative artists will not be charged any fee.

Creatively Review: Pros & Cons

In our Creatively review, we find that Creatively is a legitimate job search platform and network. Based on reviews from various review companies such as scam advisors, the platform has high ratings.


  • Creatives and employers do not pay any fee for using the platform
  • Participants of a project are mentioned and their contribution made known
  • You have a chance to connect and collaborate with other professionals
  • Supports creative artists from all disciplines to find jobs
  • You can customize your profiles for better connections


  • The platform is quite new to the market

Who is it best for?

The platform is designed for creative artists and companies looking for experienced professionals in nearly all sectors and industries. Both artists and companies benefit from using the platform because artists have the opportunity to showcase their work while employers can directly recruit the artists.

Creatively can be a better option for professional artists seeking to work with larger brands compared to general job sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

How to Start Using Creatively

Time needed: 10 minutes

Step-by-step to open an account

  1. Getting started

    Start the process on Creatively.life. Set your email and password.

  2. Complete your profile

    Create your profile and start adding your portfolio.

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Susan

    It works!

  2. 04

    by D

    Having trouble finding their contact information to ask support questions! It’s nowhere on the website, can’t find it anywhere. Pretty ridiculous.

  3. 04

    by John

    I received zero applicants over 30 days, and canceling the subscription is impossible. There is no where on the site to cancel the subscription. I had to challenge the charge through my credit card company.

    • by Jason Vitug

      Sorry to hear that you’re having difficulties. Were you able to reach them via social media?

  4. 04

    by Amy Ingo

    Absolute garbage. The app keeps lagging, loads very slowly and does not save progress.

    • by Jason Vitug

      Sorry to hear that’s been your experience. Have you reached out to them?

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