The Best Money Saving Apps

Our review and recommendation of the best money saving apps to save more.

Whether you’re planning to buy a new car, travel around the world, or set up an emergency fund, saving money is important, but it can be a challenging.

Fortunately, there are many apps–mobile and website–that are helping many automatically save. The alternative is simply opening additional savings accounts with your current bank and set automatic transfers.

Or you can use these apps to help you save effortlessly.

For transparency, I currently use all these apps and I do have an affiliate relationship with them. If you decide to use these apps, they pay us a commission that fuels our mission. And this helps us continue creating great stuff for you.

Here are the apps we’ve reviewed and recommend to help you save more money.

Best for Savings Goals

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  • Easy to join and set up visually appealing savings buckets
  • Rounds up your purchases to nearest dollar, moves it into your buckets
  • Set up activity rewards that trigger a savings transfer
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Best for Recurring Automatic Savings

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    • Easy to join and set savings goals with as little as $1
    • More control to set recurring savings transfers, save with purpose
    • Clean app and accessible
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Best for Micro Investing & Saving

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  • Easy to join and start an account with $5
  • Set small recurring transfers, invest as little as $5, themed funds
  • Learn through engaging investing related articles
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Best Investment App

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    • Rounds up your purchases and invests once $5 is saved
    • Get more investing dollars with “Found Money”
    • Easy to join and set up
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Best Free Trades Investing App

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  • Buy and sell stocks with no trade fees
  • Easy to join and intuitive platform
  • View stock performance history
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Best Investment App for Fractional Share

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  • Buy fractional shares of stock of your favorite companies starting at $25
  • Easy to join and intuitive app to use
  • Give stocks as gifts and share accounts with minors
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Best Investing App for Fractional Shares
Acorns is an automated savings tool and investing app that rounds up your purchases on linked credit or debit cards and invests the amount in an automated investment portfolio. For example, if you bought a coffee for $3.25, Acorns will round up the purchase to $4.00 and move $0.75 into your Acorns account. Once your “Round-Ups” equal $5.00, it will be invested.  You can make one-time investments into your account at any time.

Stockpile is an app and online stock broker with a twist.You can buy fractional shares of your favorite companies starting at $25. In addition to letting its users buy and sell stocks, the service also sells gift cards that can be used toward the purchase of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

There is no minimum investment and stock trades will cost you $0.99/trade which is significantly lower than other brokers. If you plan to buy gift cards, there are fees associated with the cards. You can buy gift cards to give to others through the website and other retailers.

My Smile Summary: These are apps you definitely must try!

Whether your saving for something short-term or looking to dip your toes into investing to meet long-term goals, these apps provide you with a plethora of options. If you find it hard to save or investing makes your fearful, rest assured these apps have the least barriers to entry.
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