Best Budget Apps to Track Your Finances for Free

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Best Budget Apps to Track Your Finances for FreeIn the past few years, I’ve been using some of the best budgeting apps to manage my finances. These apps are free which is mind-boggling considering the number of features available.

These budgeting apps can help organize and monitor your finances while providing useful financial tips to help you make sound financial decisions.

If you’re looking for a way to analyze your finances today and plan for the future, consider using these free budgeting apps on your journey. These apps are easy to setup, use, and filled with features that can help just about anyone gain a better understanding of their finances. Again, these apps are free, so you can try them without obligation.

Are you wondering how these companies make money? They earn revenues from advertisements.

Here is my list of the best free budgeting apps to track your money and manage your finances.

Best Comprehensive Money Management App: PERSONAL CAPITAL

Personal Capital’s budgeting app is a financial account aggregator and money tracker. You can connect all your bank and financial accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgage, and other investments. Personal Capital’s free finance app will summarize your situation and offer personal financial planning guidance. You can access your accounts on any device at any time. Read the complete Personal Capital Budget review.

Best User Experience and Budgeting Tool: MINT

Mint includes an overview section and features such as multiple account transaction details, budget creation, goal setting, trend analysis, a self-contained investment portal, and a financial services marketplace.

It’s very simple to set up your account and link your financial institutions. How the information is displayed on the app makes it easy to see where you stand financially today. The app is intuitive and you’ll find yourself with a better overall understanding of your finances. Read the entire Mint Budgeting review.

My Smile Summary: The Best Budget App is the One You Use

Try out these apps and see which one works for you. At first, it may seem daunting but once you get the hang of budgeting apps you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without using one for so long.


  1. Not free, but I love YNAB and its mobile applications too! Investments I am satisfied with my broker's site tools, and as far as credit, I monitor who says what about me at AnnualCreditReport.com for free, accessing one of the three reports every four months. I don't have a need to monitor my score, because I will NEVER borrow money for ANYTHING short of a house every again.
    • We actually do like YNAB. It's important to monitor your report and it's also good to know when to stress about scores. Sometimes we get too focused on obtaining the perfect score. We don't stop to ask ourselves, "Why?"

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