ThredUp Sell Your Luxury or Designer Clothes and Accessories

  • ThredUP is an e-commerce platform much like an online thrift store or online consignment shop.
  • Sell your secondhand clothes such as new, used, gently worn, luxury, or designer goods and accessories.
  • Best for people looking to make extra cash who don’t want to deal with customers, shipping, or returns.
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ThredUP is an online platform that enables individuals to buy or sell designer brands, high-end items, secondhand high-quality clothes, shoes, and accessories for women and children.

What is ThredUp for Sellers?

ThredUP, established in 2009, is an e-commerce platform much like an online thrift store or online consignment shop. Basically, it’s online shopping for buyers who may otherwise not be able to afford luxury items at retail prices.

As a ThredUp Seller, you can sell your secondhand clothes – new, used, gently worn, luxury, or designer – to shoppers looking to save money on typically expensive items at thrift store prices.

James Reinhart, the CEO, says, “I came up with an idea to start ThredUP because I knew there was value locked in those clothes.” This platform’s mission is to encourage people to embrace secondhand items to minimize waste and environmental impact.

How Thredup Seller Works

Sellers enjoy benefits such as item pricing, promotion, and direct payments from the sale of the products. This opportunity has enabled sellers, including brands, to sell their merchandise easily. Once your products are sold, and the return window has passed, you can request payment.

How to Sell on this Platform

  1. To sell your products, order a kit. The kit contains a bag to fill with clothes or shoes. After filling the bags of clothes, you return them to the company using the prepaid shipping label. The items are reviewed and listed on the website. When the items are sold, you will get paid.
  2. You can check the payout estimate for any item you send. The listing price is determined by an algorithm that considers the thousands of items available on the site.
  3. Nothing else for you to do. ThredUP does all the work.
  4. Request items back. Any unaccepted items or unsold items can be returned to you for a fee.

Key Features

  • Less work. You don’t need to deal with customers, research, shipping, and returns.
  • Convenient services. All items undergo a thorough inspection. If it meets the quality standards that the company prefers, they are photographed and listed to be sold.
  • Guarantee sustainability. The company aims to reduce the waste of clothes, shoes, and other fashion materials by encouraging reselling, reusing, and recycling.
  • High level of expertise. Seller support and buyer customer service are offered through a seamless platform.

Minimum Requirements

  • No age requirement. Be of legal age in the state in which you reside.
  • No location restrictions.
  • Clothing and accessories in good or excellent condition.


  • Commissions on items sold can vary.
  • State sales taxes.
  • Listing fees may be applicable depending on the type of clothing or accessory.
  • The restocking fee applies to returned items.

The fees and taxes are taken before your payout. You can estimate your payout percentages for each item listed.

ThredUP Review: Pros & Cons

Overall, ThredUp is a legitimate website to sell your used clothes and make money. It does have a low Trustpilot rating at 2.5%, with a mixture of positive and negative reviews by both sellers and buyers.


  • Simple process. Send your items and let them do the work from quality control, photos, and placements, and shipping to customers.
  • Easy payouts. Use the payout estimator to determine how much you can make. Once items have sold, request your payments via cash or credit.
  • The company has helped reduce clothing waste by encouraging secondhand products.


  • Fees can eat away at your profit.
  • Unaccepted items aren’t returned unless you pay to have them shipped back.

Who is it best for?

Have clothes, shoes, and accessories taken up space in your home? ThredUP may be a good option to easily and clean out your space and make extra money.

The platform is best for those focused on selling high-quality items, nice clothes, and women’s and children’s products without additional work.

As a ThredUP seller, you don’t have to think about customer service or have your own return policy.

It’s worth noting that ThredUp for buyers offers a great shopping experience for their favorite brands and expensive items at a discount. Shoppers can buy with a 7-day return period and get customer support.

How to Start Selling on ThredUP

Time needed: 5 minutes

Step-by-step to open a Masterworks account

  1. Getting started

    Start the process on ThredUp.com.

  2. Request a kit

    Enter your name, email, and phone number. Submit the request.

  3. Send your kit back

    Wait until your items are processed.

Alternatives to ThredUP

ThredUP has alternatives that offer similar services, such as Poshmark and OfferUp. However, most products on ThredUP are unique and of high quality and target a different set of buyers.

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