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  • Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery marketplace for on-demand delivery jobs.
  • Drivers earn money delivering packages locally or nationally.
  • Get paid weekly through direct deposit.
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Roadie is a way to earn money by helping others get their stuff where it’s going.

Roadie Overview

Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery marketplace for on-demand delivery jobs. This company provides same-day and urgent delivery services for small businesses, consumers, and big brands across the U.S. With Roadie, you can ship local and long haul, same day, next day, and even on weekends. A Roadie gig offers drivers an opportunity to make money as couriers for these deliveries.

What is Roadie Drivers?

As a Roadie driver, you can earn cash on trips you’re already taking, whether you’re driving across town to complete your errands or to work, or even across the country. The company has a delivery app that connects its drivers with senders who need their items to be delivered.

Roadie was established in 2014 by Marc Gorlin, a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded other companies such as Kabbage Inc., Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), and VerticalOne Corporation.

How Roadie Works

Roadie aims to solve the challenge of needing a package shipped quickly to the destination. The value proposition is connecting senders with drivers who can deliver items within a day.

Roadie conducts a two-tier interview process and screening for drivers for safety and protection of sender’s packages.

As a sender, your package is guaranteed safety in addition to insurance coverage. And as a driver, you earn on average “$15 per local delivery trip and earn up to $650 for long-distance and oversized items.” (Source: Roadie)

Where is Roadie Available?

Roadie is available in all 50 states. Whether you’re in a sprawling city or small town, you can “send or drive with Roadie locally or nationwide.”

How to Make Money as Roadie Driver

Roadie has an app that connects drivers and senders of particular items to be delivered.

1. Choose your gigs.

Drivers are then matched with as many deliveries within their local areas to enable them to earn more. Through the Roadie app, drivers are guaranteed upfront payments, get to know their pickup and delivery details before embarking on the journey, and then decide when or how to drive.

2. Know where to go ahead of time.

Your profile is matched to gig offers. And multiple deliveries going to the same area are packaged together to earn more in less time. You’ll receive alerts and multiple offers at once.

3. Get step-by-step instructions.

Use the Roadie mobile app to get turn-by-turn navigation, contact sender and recipient with questions, and driver support 24/7.

How to Become a Roadie Driver

Want to earn money with the Roadie life? Start with applying to become a driver through the website or app. The hiring process is done online and takes a few minutes. You may even be on the road the same day.

From the website to become a Verified Roadie Driver:

  • You must be 18 years old,
  • have a Social Security Number,
  • and have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • All Verified Roadie Drivers must maintain a minimum 4-star rating in the Roadie community, based on feedback from senders on every Gig.
  • Drivers may also be required to submit additional personal information to verify their identity, such as a selfie.

How Roadie drivers Get Paid

Make money with every Roadie trip and track your earnings over time.

  • Get paid weekly through direct deposits or cash-out instantly.
  • Keep 100% of the tips you earn.

Roadie Review

In our Roadie review, we learned that Roadie is a legit company. You must pass a safety screening, third-party background check, and DMV review to drive for Roadie. Unfortunately, many of the low-rated online reviews we’ve read focused on failed deliveries shared by senders or recipients, not from drivers, making it challenging to assess driver satisfaction definitively.


Roadie does not charge drivers fees. However, you may incur additional costs for the delivery, such as toll charges and parking. You may be eligible for reimbursements for active delivery from the pickup location to the delivery location.

With “Instant Pay,” you must qualify initially and pay $1.99 to receive your payment right away.


  • An app that’s simple to use to find gigs.
  • No minimum vehicle standards. Drive any car for deliveries.
  • 24/7 driver support.
  • Drivers can earn roadside discounts on food, drinks, rentals, and repairs.


  • There may not be a lot of delivery jobs available in your area.

Is Roadie right for you?

Roadie may be suitable for those who are looking for ways to supplement income. If you’re looking for driving gigs that don’t require strangers in your car, then the Roadie app may be helpful.

Keep in mind; you’re not a Roadie employee and work as an independent contractor.

You can undoubtedly drive for multiple companies such as Instacart and Postmates to earn more. Make sure to track your earnings and expenses such as gas, tolls, etc.

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