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HomeAdvisor, powered by Angi, is an online platform, that connects skilled professionals to homeowners who are looking for home repair, maintenance, painting, plumbing, and more. 

Pros can find better leads, work a flexible schedule, and grow income.

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HomeAdvisor Pro review quick take: Get more clients for your home services business through the platform.

What is HomeAdvisor Pro?

HomeAdvisor, powered by Angi, is an online marketplace that connects homeowners with trusted service professionals for various home improvement and maintenance projects. Launched in 1999, HomeAdvisor provides homeowners with access to a wide range of home services and repair professionals.

How HomeAdvisor Pro Works

HomeAdvisor covers an extensive array of home services, including plumbing, electrical work, HVAC services, landscaping, remodeling, painting, roofing, and more. Whether homeowners need a leak fixed, a room renovated, or a lawn landscaped, HomeAdvisor provides access to qualified professionals for their needs.

Homeowners post their project requirements on HomeAdvisor, detailing the type of service needed, budget, and timeline. Service professionals, referred to as “Pros,” can then view these project listings and submit quotes or proposals. Homeowners review the proposals, along with Pros’ profiles, ratings, and reviews, before making their hiring decision.

Side Hustle Potential 

HomeAdvisor is an opportunity for skilled professionals seeking to supplement their income through a side hustle.

Requirement: Prospective Pros must meet certain requirements, including relevant licenses and insurance, a track record of quality workmanship, and adherence to standards. Once accepted, Pros can bid on projects, set their own rates, and schedule work according to their availability.

Average Money Made Using the Platform: Earnings can vary based on factors such as the type of services offered, geographical location, competition, and the volume of projects secured. However, many Pros report earning a substantial supplemental income through the platform.

Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Leads: Pros can access homeowners actively seeking home improvement services, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients.
  • Credibility and Trust: The vetting process and customer reviews instill confidence in homeowners, making it easier for Pros to secure projects and build their reputation.
  • Flexibility: Pros have the flexibility to set their own schedules, choose the projects they want to work on and adjust their rates as needed.


  • Competition: Pros might face stiff competition from other service providers, requiring them to differentiate themselves to stand out.
  • Service Fees: HomeAdvisor deducts a percentage of Pros’ earnings as service fees, which can impact profitability.
  • Review Dependency: Positive customer reviews are crucial for Pros to attract new clients and secure future projects. Negative reviews can adversely affect a Pro’s reputation and opportunities on the platform.

HomeAdvisor Pro is Best For

HomeAdvisor is best suited for skilled professionals in the home improvement and maintenance industry, including plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, landscapers, painters, remodelers, and more. It’s an ideal platform for individuals looking to expand their client base, increase their earnings, and establish a reputable presence in the home services market.

Our HomeAdvisor Pro Review

HomeAdvisor is a legitimate platform that connects homeowners with prescreened and vetted service professionals. It’s a platform to help you generate leads, secure projects, and build your reputation. As with any platform, it’s important for you to thoroughly review terms and conditions and communicate effectively to ensure positive results.

HomeAdvisor Pro Alternatives

There are HomeAdvisor alternatives for the side hustler, such as Thumbtack, which helps people find service professionals, and Angi, which focuses on home improvement services.

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