Best Places to Sell Used Furniture Locally and Online (2022)

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In a period of 45 days, I was able to sell used furniture for cash and made a whopping $1350. Normally these old dressers, nightstands, desks, and chairs would have found their way into the landfill. Instead, I was able to find potential buyers that gave these pieces a new home.

I sold used furniture on 3 of the following websites on our best list.

  • Craigslist – $675
  • Facebook Marketplace – $520
  • OfferUp – $70
  • eBay 
  • Consignment Stores

Welcome to the phroogal 5, a series of the five best apps and tools. We learned how important it is to help you narrow down your choices. So we’ve done the work to bring dozens of apps down to the 5 best. You still have the opportunity to check out all the apps to serve your particular need in the marketplace. But, for now, save time and review our choices.

One last thing, the apps we share on this list contain both non-affiliate and affiliate relationships. With affiliate relationships, the companies pay us for referring you to their service. This is how we keep the operation going. 

Okay, now back to you. Here are the 5 best places to sell used furniture online and locally.

This was my criteria for inclusion in the best list:

  • Ease of use in placing an item for sell
  • Relative safety and security measures offered
  • Reputation of website and traffic
  • Seller fees, selling process, and payment processing fees 

How to sell your used furniture online and to local buyers

Want to get rid of used furniture? You don’t need an estate sale or garage sale to turn your old stuff into cash.

You can sell your used furniture item on a local and online marketplace. The places on this best list offer free listings with various features to make selling quicker and payments faster.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the original online classified marketplace that allows you to list your used furniture for local buyers in dozens of cities. It has been around for over 26 years and remains a solid place to sell used furniture of any condition.

To get started, head to Craigslist.org, which will automatically send you to the local listings based on your area. For successful listing and selling, make sure you have a descriptive title and provide clear photos and details, including scuff marks or chips. 

With Craigslist, you can offer to deliver your goods to the buyer or have them meet you in a safe location. You arrange how payment is made.

My experience: I found this a quick way to sell used furniture of any condition for cash. With no setup fee or commissions, it tops the list. Learn more about my experience selling on Craigslist.

Listing Cost: Free

Best: Free to list. Large local website traffic. Buyers are actively looking, not browsing. 

2. Facebook Marketplace

Sell used furniture in your local community using the social media platform. With Facebook Marketplace, you can list your stuff easily through the Marketplace section of the app. It will then be available for viewing by your social network, target audience, and location.

You have two options with the Facebook marketplace. List the used furniture easily in 2 simple steps. Write a title and upload a photo. Any interested buyers will contact you via Messenger. The other option is to post your furniture in local buy/sell groups in your area. 

Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to list and share on your profile and local groups.

My Experience: It’s easy to sell, and I like knowing whom I am selling the items to by viewing their profile. I also like the feature to use Messenger for text and calls. The drawback is the number of non-shoppers asking questions. It’s best to provide as many details in the listing.

Listing Cost: Free 

Best: Simple listing. Localized traffic. In-app communication. View a buyer’s profile before arranging a meetup.

3. Offerup

OfferUp is a mobile-first online classifieds app where you can sell goods, like your unwanted furniture, to locals. You can easily list your furniture by snapping a pic or uploading a photo and adding details. Then, set your preferences.

With Offerup, there are no transaction costs unless using advertising options, upfront payment, or shipped items.

My Experience: Buyers are actively looking, not browsing, which makes selling quick. I like the 2 steps it takes to list an item. But, it’s important to add details and dimensions of the used furniture. 

List Cost: Free 

Best: One-step listing for quick sales. In-app messaging. Buyer/seller ratings. 

4. eBay

eBay is a website for selling items that are most often shipped to buyers. However, eBay offers a local classified section which makes selling used furniture possible. 

You sell with pickup service and offer a shipping option to buyers. eBay doesn’t charge fees to list but will take a 10% cut of total sale value at payment processing. If you decide to ship, you can charge the buyer shipping fees.

My Experience: It was easy to list items, but I found it challenging to sell bulky furniture. A good friend had better luck with vintage furniture and stated they got top dollar compared with other apps.

List Cost: Free

Best: Trusted website with active users. Local pickup or shipping options.

5. Consignment Shops

Okay, so this option isn’t a specific app but a good place to sell used furniture locally. A consignment shop and some antique stores allow you to sell used furniture and other items at their physical locations.

Your best option is to search for a local shop by typing “local consignment store near me” on Google. This will provide a list to contact. A consignment shop gets a commission on sales.

My Experience: I didn’t use this option, but others recommended it. I was told, however, that not all consignment shops take furniture. And those that do are looking for unique pieces as space is limited.

List Cost: The consignment shop will assess commission fees based on the sales price.

Best: Unique, vintage items, or antique furniture. No desire to sell on your own.  

Where Best to Sell Used Furniture?

You have plenty of options to find the perfect platform to sell any furniture.

The online marketplaces listed here are the best places to list and sell used furniture to potential buyers. The best advice is to post your furniture on as many platforms. Some platforms tend to do better in some cities. 

Other selling options include Route 66 Furniture, Sotheby’s Home, Bonanza, or Recycler. I didn’t add these to the list because of the limited existing furniture listing for local buyers. I find it’s best to list used furniture in local marketplaces, so you’re not bothered with shipping.

When using a marketplace to sell your stuff, things to consider: Listing fees or any service fee and transaction fee.

Tips to Sell Used Furniture

Here are some ways to sell your used furniture for cash faster.

1. Take great photos.

Shoppers want to see what the furniture looks like, so make sure you take clear and bright photos. If possible, remove the furniture from and of clutter to showcase the furniture. Provide different angles to give the buyer a great visual. You can also consider staging the furniture for added appeal.

2. Specific title.

Make sure you have a descriptive title that includes brand, make, model, year, etc. 

3. Be specific with the details.

Highlight the features and include dimensions and measurements. If known, add the brand or maker of the furniture. Don’t forget to share details of scratches or dings. Shoppers appreciate full disclosure and will often overlook scuffs for a good deal. Basically, have a detailed description for every piece of furniture.

4. Set a good price.

Do your research to sell your furniture quickly, such as selling price, and decide on your final sale price. Search for similar items on different platforms and Google. Price your item based on your needs. Want to get rid of it quickly? Price your furniture low. Not in a rush? Price it competitively with other liked furniture. 

5. List in multiple platforms.

Since the process is quick, you can copy/paste the furniture on all the platforms. This can ensure more buyers can find your stuff.

And finally, keep yourself safe.

Don’t share any information with shoppers that’s not necessary. Let others know if you’re meeting a buyer at a location and pickup time. I find it good to view profiles when using Facebook Marketplace and Offerup. I also do a quick google search on the email addresses and phone numbers of anyone before the meetup. Additionally, if the furniture can fit in your car, consider meeting in public places or the parking lot near entrances of stores.

Can selling used furniture become a side hustle business?

A few years ago, my parents asked me to clear out their garage and basement. They originally were looking at donating or trashing items. I used the above-mentioned apps and sold various stuff for extra cash made well over $4,000. There is a market for pretty much anything. The quickest selling things were popular brands like Ikea items, outdoor furniture, musical instruments, and tools. 

Realizing I could flip used furniture for cash, I experimented and would buy these items on the marketplace and repost them. In many instances, I was able to have a return of 30-70% from the purchase price. The best deals were from sellers who wanted to get rid of their items quickly.

Since I was not in a rush, I could buy the stuff cheap and resell them for a higher price later. For example, I recently bought a desk and chair for $50 from someone moving out of their condo. I kept the desk and posted the chair on Facebook Marketplace. Within a day, I sold the chair for $60. I’m sure I can sell the table for at least $50.

So, can this become a side hustle business? It has potential. Next time you hear family or friends getting rid of stuff, offer to haul the items away for them. Clean the item, fix minor issues, and post it on these platforms.

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