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PeoplePerHour is a platform for freelancers and businesses seeking digital services. Professionals and artists can find work-from-home and freelance gigs.

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PeoplePerHour review quick take: An online marketplace connecting businesses with vetted and expert freelancers.

What is PeoplePerHour?

PeoplePerHour is an online platform that enables freelancers to offer their services to clients worldwide. It’s a marketplace for a wide range of digital services, including graphic design, content writing, programming, marketing, and more. Clients can post job listings, and freelancers can bid on projects or offer their services directly.

PeoplePerHour offers a diverse array of services, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Content Writing
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Translation Services
  • Business Consulting
  • and much more.

How PeoplePerHour Works

The platform offers a simple process for finding your next freelance gig.

  1. Freelancers create profiles showcasing their skills, expertise, and portfolio.
  2. Clients post job listings detailing their requirements and budget.
  3. Freelancers can then submit proposals or send custom offers to clients.
  4. Upon agreement, freelancers complete the work and receive payment through the platform.

Identity Verification

PeoplePerHour verifies the identities of freelancers and clients to enhance trust and security on the platform. During the registration process, users are required to provide accurate personal information and verification documents.

Payment Protection

The platform offers payment protection for freelancers and clients through its secure payment processing system. Payments are held in escrow until the completion of the project, reducing the risk of non-payment or disputes.

Side Hustle Potential

PeoplePerHour can be a lucrative side hustle for anyone with in-demand skills and expertise.

The main requirements include possessing the skills and experience to do the posted gigs and complete client projects.

Average Earnings: This can vary depending on your skill level, project complexity, and client budget. Some freelancers report earning anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month on the platform.

Pros & Cons


  • Global Reach: PeoplePerHour connects freelancers with clients worldwide, expanding opportunities for earning potential.
  • Variety of Services: The platform offers a wide range of digital services.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Freelancers can set their own rates and work hours and choose projects that align with their skills and interests.


  • Competition: The platform can be competitive, with many freelancers vying for the same projects.
  • Service Fees: PeoplePerHour charges service fees on completed projects, which can impact overall earnings.
  • Dependency: Freelancers may face challenges with unreliable clients, payment disputes, or project cancellations, which can impact their income.

Who is it Best For?

PeoplePerHour is best suited for anyone looking to monetize their skills and expertise and wants flexible and remote work gigs. It’s a good option for those with professional skills and creative talents.

Steps to Get Started with PeoplePerHour

  1. Visit the PeoplePerHour website and create a freelancer account.
  2. Complete your profile with details about your skills, expertise, and portfolio.
  3. Browse job listings or create service offers tailored to your skills.
  4. Submit proposals or send custom offers to clients.
  5. Communicate effectively with clients, deliver high-quality work, and build your reputation on the platform.

Our PeoplePerHour Review

PeoplePerHour is a legitimate online platform for freelancers and businesses. Established in 2007, the platform has become a trusted marketplace for connecting freelancers with clients seeking a wide range of digital services. 

Our PeoplePerHour review found that freelancers wrote negative reviews on Trustpilot for clients who didn’t pay or requested chargebacks.

PeoplePerHour offers a dynamic platform for freelancers to showcase their skills, connect with clients, and embark on a rewarding side hustle journey. With its global reach, diverse services, and flexible work arrangements, PeoplePerHour empowers freelancers to maximize their earning potential and achieve professional success.

As with any online marketplace, you should thoroughly review the terms and conditions to ensure the platform works for you.

PeoplePerHour Alternatives

Alternates to PeoplePerHour include Upwork, FlexJobs, Freelancer, and Toptal. These are popular freelancing platforms offering a wide range of digital services.

Find more PeoplePerHour alternatives in the side hustle marketplace.

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designing, supporting entrepreneurs


Accounting, Artistic Talents, Bookkeeping, Data entry, Graphic design, Marketing, Sound Engineering, Website Building, Writing

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flexible hours, freelance, part-time job, work remotely

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