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  • Nav is a business services app to find the best credit cards and loans for your small business.
  • Access your business credit profile and resources to establish your business credit score.
  • Free account and premium options are available.
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Nav is a business financial management app to find the best credit cards and loans for any business.

What is Nav?

Nav helps businesses establish and monitor their business credit profile. The Nav Marketplace connects business owners to funding and professional assistance.

Nav is committed to helping you get the needed loans, business credit cards, and credit score reports to ensure that your business remains operational. 

How Nav Works

With Nav, you’re provided business credit reports from credit bureaus and advised on how to improve your business credit score. Access to business profiles helps owners connect with the right financial institutions and business loans.

The Nav marketplace offers small business loans, business credit cards, cash flow analysis, and other financial management services. When you need money to start a new business, expand your existing business, hire staff for your business and different business needs, Nav will help you get the funds quickly.

It begins with starting a free account on Nav.

How to Use Nav

As a small business, you’ll enjoy lots of benefits from Nav since they can get needed funds quickly, access credit reports, learn about the ways of building strong credit scores, and get tips on how to manage your business finances better.

How to use the Nav Marketplace

The company has highly qualified and experienced experts who will work closely with you to identify the most suitable financing options suited for your distinct needs. It also utilizes advanced algorithms to search for lenders and identify those that match your particular needs to streamline and simplify getting finances. 

  1. The company connects you to suitable Lenders, and you are requested to provide some personal and business information.
  2. Lenders may also undertake a personal and business credit check to calculate your loan amount.
  3. Lenders process your application, approve your request and give feedback.
  4. Once approved, the lender deposits the funds in your bank account.

Key Features

With Nav, you’ll get access to the following depending on the tier of service you choose. There is a free option and a premium account with more features.

  • Business credit scores and reports: Get full access to business credit reports and scores through Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax.
  • Personal credit report and alerts: Access to Experian and TransUnion personal credit reports.
  • Business credit alerts: Get alerts on important changes found in your business and personal credit. Ensure your business profiles are up-to-date and business credit health is suitable.
  • Small business loans and financing options: Get matched to business financing available from traditional bank loans, micro-loans, non-bank online loans, and small business (SBA) loans.

Nav Small Business Financing Marketplace Key Features

Get access to business loan offers through the Nav marketplace:

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan: access business loans between $50,000 to 5 million dollars through the SBA loan program.
  • Micro-loan: loan amounts below $50,000 with interest rates almost similar to credit cards.
  • Traditional bank loans: get funding from national and community banks.  
  • Business credit cards: find the right business credit card for your needs.

Minimum Requirements

To get started with Nav, you’ll need to be a business in operation. Nav is available to business owners in the US.


To start using Nav, you can start with a free account, which gives you access to summaries of your business credit reports, access to the financing marketplace, and credit/lending specialists.

For more features, there are tiers available that provide additional services to small business owners looking to optimize their business credit. 

Nav Review: Is it right for your business?

The overall Nav review is positive. Nav is a legitimate company and not a scam service based on our review.

It’s essential to establish your business profile and credit to access the funding for your business’s operation and growth. Nav’s resources help set your business credit profile.

Ratings: Nav has positive reviews from its customers, and it is highly rated by various review companies such as Trustpilot, scoring a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Nav’s Pros and Cons


  • Free account with features helping you build a business credit score
  • Access personalized services and credit specialists
  • Connects you to numerous lenders
  • Advanced algorithms to find lenders who match your requirements


  • Some lenders in the marketplace may charge high interest rates
  • You may not get a business loan with a bad personal credit score

Who is it best for?

Nav is suited for small business owners and those who require money to help run their businesses. It’s equally a great option if you’re looking to establish your business profile and business credit score that lenders often use when underwriting.

There are alternative financing available. Read about invoice financing and how that may be a viable option.

How to Start a Nav Account

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step-by-step to open a Nav Credit Monitoring Account

  1. Getting started
    • Visit Nav.com and enter your business and personal information.
  2. Review your account
    • Review your credit profile summary

Additional information


Tiered Pricing Plan: Monthly Fee

Upgraded Service

Premium Option Available

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