Gusto Payroll Services for Small Business

  • Gusto is a refreshingly easy payroll, benefits, and HR platform used by over 60,000 small businesses nationwide.
  • Simplify your payroll processing with a complete plan to pay employees, file and pay state, local, federal taxes.
  • Easy signup process with live-person help.
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Gusto payroll helps small businesses pay employees and file payroll taxes with clear pricing.

What is Gusto?

Gusto is a company that offers full-service payroll to small and medium-sized businesses. It’s available in all 50 states. Gusto was established in 2012 and provides additional services such as employee onboarding tools, health insurance, employee benefits, 401k plans, and human resource services for business owners and employers. Both employees and employers benefit from the services of this company.

How Gusto Payroll Works

Gusto streamlines your HR processes through payroll, employee onboarding, benefits, and support. With Gusto, you get services such as next-day direct deposit, time tracking for hourly employees, integration services, and payroll processing.

The company aims to provide payroll services to its customers in a much faster way compared to manual entry.

With Gusto, you get access to a wide range of HR services from offer letters, document signatures, employee directory, and employee surveys. Some additional benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance.

There is no setup fee to get started with Gusto. And you can choose to get assistance to set up your payroll or follow the 10-step online process yourself.

Key Features

The following are key features of Gusto payroll to help you keep track and manage employee benefits.

  • Employee Portal: Give your employees the ability to manage tasks such as employee onboarding, selection of benefits, and access pay stubs and other records.
  • Payroll Processing: Process your entire employee payroll in an easy-to-use system that automates your payroll. Get alerts the day before payroll is sent.
  • Payroll Taxes: Handles all tax filing responsibilities on behalf of your company. Gusto calculates, file and pay your local, state, federal payroll taxes automatically. 
  • Sync to Accounting Software: Integrate your payroll with your choice of accounting software such as Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero, and more.
  • Paid Time Off: Manage your employee paid time off and track usage. Easily set policies for vacation and sick time along with employee accruals and balances.

Minimum Requirements

To access the services, you must be a business whether a sole proprietor or company with 5 or 100 W-2 employees. 

Enrolled in one of their service plans, which include core, complete, or concierge.


The company’s services are not free. Choose which option is best for you and pay a monthly base fee along with a per person fee.

For example, the Core option is $39 per month plus $6/person per month. So a company with 5 employees will have a cost of $69/month.

If you want a complete plan, there are additional costs that will give you access to more tools.

Gusto Review: Payroll services for your business?

Gusto is a legitimate company and not a scam. Thousands of businesses use its services to manage payroll, workers’ compensation, onboarding, health benefits, retirement plans, and more. Its simple interface makes Gusto a clear winner for small business owners looking to automate manual tasks.

There are some positive customer reviews on Trustpilot. One customer specifically says, “I have been really impressed by Gusto. The pricing is good and comes with features we wanted.”

Gusto is a good fit for employers and employees as they are guaranteed faster payroll services in addition to other HR services. As an employer, Gusto makes it easier for you to track your employees’ working time and avoid the process of counting all working hours of employees manually.

Gusto Payroll Pros and Cons


  • Simple fee structure.
  • The payroll system is automated.
  • Integrated platform for all your payroll and benefits.
  • Good customer service with live people
  • Employee self-service to payroll on a web browser, smartphone, or tablet.


  • Health benefits are not available in all 50 states if you desire to use this service.

Who is it best for?

Gusto is a comprehensive payroll solution. It’s best for any size business looking to automate processing payroll and eliminate the manual task for filing payroll taxes. Your employees will also benefit from employee access to portals to view pay stubs and benefits. 


You have options when it comes to a comprehensive payroll solution including Quickbooks Payroll. Review other payroll options.


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