Money Metropolis / Game

  • Money Metropolis allows young children to navigate a multi-dimensional world
  • Ages 7 – 12 years old
  • Make life decisions that will affect your virtual bank accounts to shrink or grow
  • Complete tasks like raking leaves, mowing lawns and babysitting adds money to your virtual accounts
  • Save or spend in the virtual store

Unfortunately, the Money Metropolis is no longer available. Find other money-related games.

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Money Metropolis is an online game for kids ages 7-12 where you get to move around a map and click various places to make and spend money. Players navigate the online world, making life decisions that will affect their virtual bank account. Players are given a monthly budget and must determine what can or can’t be afforded in the metropolis.

As a player, you’ll make choices to earn money or spend. You can earn money doing chores like babysitting, pumping gas or mowing laws. You may also spend on items that would help you earn money for doing new jobs. You win the game once you’ve earned enough money to purchase your dream item.

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Money Metropolis / Game