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  • Acorns Later helps you save for retirement with a simplified platform to save in tax-advantaged IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts).
  • Best for existing Acorns users and beginners seeking a better way to save for their retirement using Acorns suite of ETFs.
  • Get started with just $5.


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Acorns Later is an investment product for your retirement utilizing tax-advantaged accounts such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)s integrated into your Acorns app experience.

Acorns Later

For current Acorns users, Later is an additional feature that enables you to specifically save for your retirement. Acorns Later is part of the Personal tier at $3 per month that includes Invest and Spend.

For non-current users, it can be the tool to help you start saving into Traditional or Roth IRAs.

What are tax-advantaged accounts? Tax-advantaged accounts like IRAs are a type of retirement savings plan where you get tax benefits such as tax exemption or tax-deferral.

There are 3 types of retirement accounts offered:

  • Traditional IRA – contributions with money you may be able to deduct on your tax return. Earnings can potentially grow tax-deferred until you withdraw them in retirement
  • Roth IRA – contributions with money after taxes have been paid. Earnings grow tax-free.
  • SEP IRA – a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan provides business owners with a simplified method to contribute to their own retirement savings.

How does Acorns Later Work

With Acorns Later, you can add to your retirement savings one-time or through recurring contributions (that take place daily, weekly, and monthly). You’re still subjected to annual IRS limits. For 2020, the IRS contribution limit is $6,000 for most people ($7,000 if you are 50 or older).

Features & Benefits

  • Get started with $5
  • Selected portfolios and rebalancing – based on your age and the time until you reach “retirement age,” which is currently 59 ½ years old according to the IRS. Over time, the calculation changes, and your portfolio is automatically rebalanced.
  • Rollovers – you can roll over your existing qualified plans into Acorns Later saving you on fees and management

What is Acorns?

Acorns is a financial services company offering a suite of products to help people invest their spare change or take small steps towards their financial goals. They revolutionized the investing industry with their Round-Up feature that merged convenience, automation, and robo-advisor models to help more people save and invest. You can learn more about Acorns here.

Other Acorns Products

All users start with an Invest account to access other products and services.

  • Invest – micro-savings and investing (learn more)
  • Spend – checking account with a debit card and no minimums (learn more)
  • Later – tax-advantaged accounts for your retirement
  • Early – accounts for your children (learn more)

Additional tools include Acorns Earn which helps you earn cash-back for using recommended services from partners or through the use of Acorns Spend debit card. And Acorns Grow offering users financial articles, interviews, and reviews.


  • Personal: $3 per month. Adds on an individual retirement account and a checking account.

Acorns Later Review

Acorns Later is a legitimate product that aims to help you save for your retirement. It follows IRS rules for retirement account contribution limits and tax advantages. Whether you’re a current or new Acorns user, Later can be a product to help you finally save for retirement. Depending on your work situation and current retirement contributions, Acorns makes it simple to choose the right retirement account.

When you add the benefits of Invest and Spend, the $3 per month fee, maybe already be a good deal and an even better option once your investments grow.

Who is it best for?

Acorns Later is best for people who are currently using Acorns for their general investing and even more so for those using the Spend card. If you’re the type who is looking for simplicity and have benefited from Acorn Invest this can be beneficial.

For non-current Acorns users and people having a challenging time saving for retirement, Later may be what you need to get started investing for your retired future.

How to Start an Acorns Account

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Step-by-Step to opening an account with Acorns

  1. Getting started

    Login to your existing account or click “Get Started” to open a new account.

  2. Enter email and password

    For new accounts, submit your personal information, set up a PIN access code, and log into your new account. For existing users, login and click on Later to answer a few questions to get started.


Additional information

Investing Type

Automated Investing, Managed Investing

Key Features

Automatic Deposits, Automatic Rebalancing, Retirement Planning

Minimum Deposit


Investment Portfolio

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Investments Available



Tiered Pricing Plan: Monthly Fee

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1 Review For This Product

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    by Jason Vitug

    Acorns Later Review: Is it worth it?

    I’ve used Acorns Later when it first came out just to test the features. It’s simple to get started and contribute. If you’re familiar with Acorns, then you know your money is invested within their suite of ETFs. Currently, I am not using Acorns Later as I’ve chosen to invest passively using other funds in a different brokerage account.

    Like many other retirement accounts available, you can contribute one-time or multiple times through the IRS governed contribute timeline for each year.

    I do recommend Acorns Later for anyone struggling to save money. I say this because the fundamental Acorns product Invest has done well for many who needed a way to invest small amounts of money using the Round-up feature. Now, if you’re looking to save for your retirement, and everyone should, then consider adding Later.

    Is the $3 per month fee worth it? It actually depends on your balances. Let’s say for instance you have $100 saved and spending $3/month, that’s $24 per year. You’re losing money. But as your balances continue to grow (and it should) you benefit by having a flat rate payment as opposed to a percentage fee tied to your balance.

    One thing to note, there are other options available for retirement accounts but Acorns simplicity might be what you need to get started. And maybe once you do you’ll come to discover other ways to invest for your retirement.

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