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99designs is a platform for designers to showcase their creativity, compete in design contests, and build their design business.

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99designs review quick take: A platform connecting designers with clients in need of creative solutions.

What is 99designs?

99designs is an online platform that enables designers to showcase their skills, compete in design contests, or offer their services directly to clients. It’s a marketplace for a wide range of design services, including logo design, branding, web design, packaging, and more.

99designs offers a variety of design services to clients completed by freelancers. It includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding and Identity
  • Web and App Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Print and Merchandise Design
  • and more.

How 99designs Works

  1. Designers create profiles showcasing their portfolio, skills, and expertise.
  2. Clients post design contests or projects, outlining their requirements, budget, and timeline.
  3. Designers then submit their design proposals, and the client selects the winning design or designer.

Side Hustle Potential

99designs can be a lucrative side hustle for designers looking to showcase their creativity and earn extra income.

Requirements include possessing strong design skills, creativity, attention to detail, and proficiency in design.

Average Earnings: This can vary depending on factors such as the designer’s skill level, project complexity, and client budget. Designers can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per project, with potential for ongoing work and client relationships.

Pros & Cons


  • Portfolio Building: 99designs introduces designers to a global client base, allowing them to showcase their work and build their portfolios.
  • Project Variety: Designers have the opportunity to work on a wide range of design projects across industries.
  • Fair Competition: Designers are judged based on the quality of their work rather than their experience or reputation.


  • High Competition: The platform can be highly competitive, with many designers vying for the same projects.
  • Spec Work: Some designers may have reservations about participating in design contests, as they are essentially providing free work with no guarantee of payment unless their design is chosen.
  • Limited Control: Designers may have limited control over the project requirements and client feedback.

Who is it Best For

99designs is best suited for graphic designers, web designers, and other creative professionals looking to showcase their skills and earn extra income. The platform is great for talented designers who may not have a lot of experience.

Steps to Get Started on 99designs

  1. Visit the 99designs website and create a designer profile.
  2. Complete your profile with details about your skills, expertise, and portfolio.
  3. Browse design contests or projects posted by clients.
  4. Submit your design proposals and await feedback from clients.
  5. If selected as the winner, finalize the design and receive payment through the platform.

Our 99designs Review

99designs is a legitimate platform that connects freelancers to design opportunities. The marketplace has over 1,500 reviews and is rated as “great” in Trustpilot. In our 99designs review, we found that the platform is transparent with its process for posting design contests, submitting entries, and selecting winners.

99designs Alternatives

There are a few 99designs alternatives, such as finding design gigs on Freelancer, Guru, and PeoplePerHour. Want more options? Find freelance graphic design gigs.

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