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Starting a Substack newsletter allows writers to share their ideas, stories, and expertise with a dedicated audience while earning revenue from their content.

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Substack newsletter review quick take: A platform that enables writers to make money through paid newsletter subscriptions.

What is Substack?

Substack is a platform that allows writers to publish and distribute email newsletters to subscribers. It provides tools for writers to create, publish, and monetize their content through paid subscriptions.

How to Make Money on Substack

Substack is free to use for writers. So there are no fees to start writing.

As a writer on substack, you can earn money with the following:

  • Paid Subscriptions: Earn revenue by offering paid subscriptions to your newsletter, charging subscribers a monthly or annual fee to access premium content, exclusive updates, or subscriber-only benefits.
  • Free-to-Paid Model: Offer your newsletter for free initially to attract subscribers, then introduce paid subscription tiers or premium content for subscribers who want to support your work and access additional features or perks.
  • Merchandise and Products: Sell merchandise, products, or digital downloads related to your newsletter content, such as ebooks, courses, or branded merchandise, to generate additional revenue from your subscriber base. Read how to create a print-on-demand business and how to self-publish a book. You can also recommend products and earn affiliate income.

Who is Substack Best For

Substack is best for writers, journalists, bloggers, and content creators looking to connect directly with their audience through email newsletters. It’s an ideal platform to publish long-form content, essays, analysis, quirky tips, time-sensitive material, or personal stories and earn income along the way.

What’s the difference between a blog and a Substack newsletter?

A newsletter and a blog are quite similar. The major difference is how people read your content. With a blog, most readers might find your content through a search engine. You can also email your blog posts to any subscribers. In contrast, a newsletter places subscribers first and foremost. The goal is to collect readers’ email addresses and email them timely messages, including your blog posts and other notes.

Why Consider a Substack Newsletter

Starting a Substack newsletter offers several benefits:

  • Direct audience engagement: Substack allows you to build a direct relationship with your audience. It bypasses social media algorithms to reach your followers directly.
  • Monetization opportunities: You can earn money from your content and build a sustainable income stream.
  • Creative freedom: You have full control over your content, frequency, and formatting of the newsletters on Substack.

Our Substack Newsletter Review

Substack is a legitimate platform enabling you to monetize your work through newsletter subscriptions. The platform is built to help writers earn from their writing as opposed to a traditional blog.

Our Substack newsletter review found that it allows you to engage with your audience the way you want without depending on the whims of social media companies. You get to speak directly to your followers (called subscribers). That’s a win.

Steps to Begin Your Substack Newsletter

Here’s a step-by-step guide to beginning your journey on Substack, including how to make money and the tools needed.

Step 1: Sign Up for Substack

Visit the Substack website and sign up for an account using your email address. You can choose to create a new account or sign up using an existing Google account.

Step 2: Set Up Your Newsletter

Once you’ve created your account, follow the prompts to set up your newsletter. Choose a name for your newsletter, write a description, and customize the look and feel of your newsletter’s landing page.

Step 3: Create Your First Post

Start writing your first newsletter post using Substack’s editor. You can draft your content directly in the editor or import content from other sources. Add images, links, and formatting to make your newsletter visually appealing and engaging.

Step 4: Set Up Subscription Options

Choose whether you want to offer your newsletter for free or as a paid subscription. If you opt for paid subscriptions, set a price for your newsletter and choose whether to offer monthly or annual plans.

Step 5: Promote Your Newsletter

Once your newsletter is live, promote it to attract subscribers. Share your newsletter on social media, your website, and other channels to reach your audience and encourage them to subscribe.

Step 6: Engage with Subscribers

Engage with your subscribers regularly by sending out new newsletter posts, responding to comments and feedback, and interacting with your audience through Q&A sessions, polls, or live chats. Keep it lively, timely, and relevant.

Tools You’ll Need

Email Marketing Platform

Use Substack as your email marketing platform to create, publish, and distribute your newsletters to subscribers. No need to use any other systems.

Writing Tools

Use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or the Substack editor to draft and format your newsletter content. For help with grammar and improving your writing, try Grammarly.

Graphics and Images

Create or include images and other graphics to enhance your newsletter and engage your subscribers visually. Use Canva, a freemium graphics design platform, for its ease of use and capabilities.

Promotional Tools

Share your newsletters with people through social media and your website. You’ll need to promote your Substack newsletter in order to get subscribers. Once your audience grows, you can ask subscribers to share it with their friends.

Substack Alternatives

Some Substack alternatives include Medium or starting your own blog and using an email marketing platform like ConvertKit.

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