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MoneyPass ATMs boasts a vast network of ATMs, providing users access to surcharge-free cash withdrawals in the US and Puerto Rico. ATMs are conveniently located at banks, credit unions, retailers, and other locations.

Find Surcharge Free ATM

Find MoneyPass ATMs to access your accounts.

What is the MoneyPass Network?

MoneyPass Network provides surcharge-free ATMs, offering users access to thousands of ATMs in the US and Puerto Rico. Customers can conveniently withdraw cash, check their account balances, transfer funds, and perform other banking transactions without incurring additional fees.

The Network offers the following services:

  • Surcharge-free ATM access
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Account balance inquiries
  • Funds transfers
  • Deposit capabilities at select locations

How MoneyPass ATMs Work

Customers with accounts at participating banks and credit unions can access MoneyPass Network’s surcharge-free ATMs. You can find the no-fee ATMs using the locator tool within the app or website.

What’s an ATM surcharge fee?

The owner of an ATM can charge cardholders a user fee. However, by using a MoneyPass ATM, you can avoid paying that surcharge fee. Please be aware that your card-issuing institution (bank, credit union, or prepaid card issuer) may charge other fees. Contact your card issuer to determine if you will be charged other fees associated with ATM transactions.

Can Anyone Use a MoneyPass Surcharge-free ATM?

Your card-issuing institution (bank, credit union, or prepaid card issuer) must participate in the MoneyPass Network so you can use your card surcharge-free at its ATMs. Ask your financial institution if they participate.

Where are MoneyPass ATMs Available?

MoneyPass Network ATMs are available at various locations, including banks, credit unions, retailers, and convenience stores. With thousands of ATMs nationwide, the network provides extensive coverage and accessibility for users seeking fee-free cash withdrawals.


MoneyPass ATMs offer surcharge-free access to users with accounts at participating banks and credit unions. However, while the Network does not charge a surcharge fee, users may still incur fees from their bank for out-of-network transactions or international withdrawals.

Potential Bank Fees: Users may still incur fees from their bank for out-of-network ATM transactions or international withdrawals despite the surcharge-free access.

How to Find A Surcharge-Free ATM Near You

The best place to start is the surcharge-free ATM locator on your bank or credit union’s website or app.

You can also visit moneypass.com to find ATMs near you.

MoneyPass Network Alternatives

  1. Allpoint Network: Allpoint surcharge-free ATMs provide an alternative option for surcharge-free cash withdrawals for account users at participating banks and financial institutions.
  2. CO-OP Financial Services: CO-OP network of surcharge-free ATMs for credit union members, offering another alternative for fee-free cash withdrawals.
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