Credit Sesame Free Credit Score / Report Analysis

  • Credit Sesame free credit score gives you insights using your Transunion report.
  • Learn what affects your credit score and how to improve it along with personalized credit card and loan recommendations.
  • Free monthly credit score, free credit monitoring, and free ID theft insurance.
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Credit Sesame offers a free credit score using a TransUnion credit report to help you stay on top of your credit.

What is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame Overview: An application designed to give users credit score monitoring and access to their personalized credit report card. The product also offers tips and recommendations to improve your credit score.

What are Free Credit Scores?

A growing number of financial services companies began offering free credit scores to help consumers make better financial decisions. Credit Karma was the originator of this idea and has since grown in popularity. Accessing your free credit score is not the same as getting your FICO score. Although the algorithms used to calculate the scores are different, they use the same information found in your credit report.

How does Credit Sesame Free Scores work?

To get your free credit score on Credit Sesame, you must have an account and give the authorization to access your TransUnion credit file.

With Credit Sesame Free Scores, you get:

  • A monthly credit report card that summarizes your credit in an easy to read format
  • Monthly free credit score using your TransUnion credit file
  • Get alerts of changes found in your TransUnion file that impact your score
  • Access to the knowledge base and simulators to help you improve your credit score

It’s essential to understand that the free credit score and the monthly report card differ from what financial institutions or creditors use. But, it is a good tool to help you monitor changes and access information to improve your credit file.

Features and Terms

We know you like free and you’ll be most pleased to hear there are no charges or annual fees to download and use this service. There is a premium upgrade version available.

  • Free Credit Monitoring – Stay on top of your credit report and score to maintain your financial health. Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring services offer real-time alerts.
  • Free Credit Scores – Using your TransUnion credit information so reviewing your credit factors that influence your credit score is made easy and intuitive
  • Credit Report Card – Keep track of your credit accounts, your debts, and other credit report factors.
  • Identity Theft Protection – Get $50,000 in identity theft insurance, plus fraud resolution assistance – for free.
  • Save Money – Analytic engine peruses your credit and debt situation daily and advises you on the amount you can save on loans, mortgages, credit cards, and more
  • Credit Card Approval Odds – Pick the right credit cards for you and Credit Sesame will show you the way to start the application to see if you will be approved.


  • Credit Sesame is free for users.
  • No hidden fees.

What Makes Credit Sesame Different?

  • Free $50,000 ID Theft insurance.
  • Access to a free credit score and report card using TransUnion.
  • No gimmicks or membership fees.
  • No obligations and cancel the free service anytime.

Credit Sesame Review

Credit Sesame comes highly recommended by its users. If you’re looking to either repair your credit score or try and get a head start, then Credit Sesame is the app for you.

This product does an excellent job of providing an overview of your credit and can guide you into repairing it. Another wonderful benefit is the application will disclose your approval odds for getting a credit card. An additional benefit is now offered called Sesame Cash–online banking with no fees.

Who is it best for?

Credit Sesame is best for anyone who is looking to monitor their credit report and scores. It’s helpful for those actively wanting to increase their scores by getting access to educational content and alerts.

For those with little to no credit history, Credit Sesame may not be as helpful. You may want to start with a service like Self Credit Builder to establish your credit and score.

How to Start a Credit Sesame Account

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Step-by-step to open a Webull trading account

  1. Getting started
  2. Complete the application
    • Verify your email address and enter your personal information
  3. Access your credit
    • Gain immediate access to your credit report card and score*

*In some situations verifying your identity may not allow you to access the features immediately.

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