Get Good With Money: 10 Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole 

From financial wellness to financial wholeness, Tiffany Aliche, the Budgetnista, shares decisive steps in her New York Times Bestseller, Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole

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Get Good with Money by Tiffany Aliche, a New York Times Bestseller

The book covers Tiffany’s “Financial Wholeness” system. It is when all aspects of your financial life work together for your greatest good, biggest benefit, and richest life.

The book has eleven chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Before We Begin: Get to Know Financial Wholeness
  • Chapter 2: 10% Whole: Budget-Building
  • Chapter 3: 20% Whole: Save Like a Squirrel
  • Chapter 4: 30% Whole: Dig Out of Debt
  • Chapter 5: 40% Whole: Score High (Credit)
  • Chapter 6: 50% Whole: Learn to Learn (Increase Your Income)
  • Chapter 7: 60% Whole: Invest Like an Insider (Retirement and Wealth)
  • Chapter 8: 70% Whole: Get Good with Insurance
  • Chapter 9: 80% Whole: Grow Richish (Increase Your Net Worth)
  • Chapter 10: 90% Whole: Pick Your Money Team (Financial Professionals)
  • Chapter 11: 100% Whole: Leave a Legacy (Estate Planning)

As you can see, Tiffany doesn’t waste any pages to get to the gems. It’s well-organized and thought-out to help you navigate finances in a simple and easy-to-follow way. As the Wholeness score shows, it progresses to 100%. She also created a Financial Wholeness Quiz. You can take the quiz yourself here.

Each financial wholeness tier is broken down into three main parts: the Plan, the Do, and the Review, along with a resource she calls the Get Good with Money tool kit.

What is Financial Wholeness?

Tiffany coined the term financial wholeness to encompass a comprehensive assessment of one’s finances. She shares that financial freedom, a worthy goal, may not be attainable for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing well financially or that you should hold off creating a financial plan that increases your peace of mind. Whether you’re making $40,000 per year or $100,000, she wants you to view your finances as a series of steps to feel secure.

What I love about the book is how relatable it is to just about everyone. For example, you can follow the steps to ensure you’re doing all you can to be financially whole when starting your career. Then, you can go through the steps again a few years later when you’ve moved up in income or decided to quit the rat race and start your own business.

You can read this book and follow Steps 1 through 10. Then, when circumstances change or a few years later, you can go through the steps again to reassess your financial wholeness score.

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