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“Find the best banking services and money apps to help you live financially well.”

Phroogal Financial Marketplace - Shop, Filter, and Compare

You want solutions, not just information. Often what we need are the right products and services to help us with our money and financial situations. Access to the right apps and tools are necessary in order to live financially well. This is part of our mission. To make it easier for you to find the best banking product or financial solution. Let’s help you achieve your goals and create your dream life with better access to the right tools.

Discover Products and Services

With 100s of financial products, services, and apps, you’re in the right website to discover the best solution for you. Find products to help you find free checking, high yield online savings accounts, credit unions, budgeting and free credit score apps, brokerage services to invest and trade stocks, and resources to plan for retirement.

Filter and Compare

Easily find the right app to meet your needs by filtering and comparing until you find the right one, two, or three apps to help you achieve your goals.

Expert and Community Reviews

Get the information you need to make a better financial choice. The challenge is finding apps that do what they promise. That’s where we come in to review these services and provide unbiased overviews and reviews. Don’t rely on our word alone but that of community members as well. 

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