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A vision as it pertains to finances is a description of (a) how an individual defines future financial success, and (b) what they want to accomplish. A vision provides direction for decisions and actions that create the preferred future.

To help clarify your vision, you can ask: qhat will the future look like if financial strategies are successfully implemented and one’s full potential is achieved?

Financial Vision Statement

A financial vision statement is a brief summary of your desired financial outcomes and attributes of successful attaining goals. A vision statement is a short statement typically no more than 50 words. The vision can be anything from a higher income career to owning a home or living debt-free.

Having a financial vision statement can help you focus attention in areas that help you attain your vision. For example, if your vision is to live debt-free, then financing a new car (regardless of the deal) goes against your financial vision.

A vision statement goes well with value systems-criterias in which you use to make decisions.

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