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1. Be yourself and speak from your experience and with your voice.

Whether you’re a financial professional or a stay-at-home parent, a teen or 70-year old retiree, a financial nerd or casual money reader, I want to hear from you and so do other readers. Share your knowledge of why you do what you’re doing and not just what you’re doing. Providing steps allow others to solve their similar issues.

2. Choose a topic that gets you excited.

Reading about money can be uninteresting. Our purpose is to ignite curiosity around money to empower others to master money and live their best lives. So what about finances or life-related to money do you want to share with others? (Or is there a money app you absolutely love and want to share your experience and how others can benefit?)

3. Share your mistakes and success.

We believe people learn from stories and yours will resonate with many readers. Don’t be afraid to share the mental and emotional rollercoaster you went through to achieve your financial goals.

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