Smile Certified: Money Apps and Financial Services With Our Stamp of Approval

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There are many money apps and financial products and services out there; it can be daunting. Finding the best money app for your situation can take some time. It’s the reason why we created the financial marketplace–to help you discover, compare, and choose the best money apps for you.

But we also realize you may want to know about the apps we absolutely love because they do exactly what they promise (and may even go above and beyond).

Hi, I’m Jason Vitug, founder of phroogal.com. I curated this list for you: our first Smile Certified money apps and financial services. They get our smile stamp of approval.


To help you manage your money and keep track of your expenses.


We love credit unions because of their not-for-profit status and member focus. There are thousands of credit unions to join–you are eligible to join many. Here are 8 Smile Certified credit unions for going above and beyond and aligned with our financial wellness mission.

Lake Trust Credit Union in Michigan

Sierra Pacific Credit Union in Nevada

Affinity Federal Credit Union in New Jersey

Lookout Credit Union in Idaho

Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union in Massachusetts

Investing App

There are many to choose from but we’re focused on reliability, ease of use, and perks that make investing simple.

Public Investing


Credit Score

Another category with dozens to choose from. We looked at services that were free, accurate, and a great user experience without all the ads.


Creditwise by Capital One

Student Loans

We have a go-to when it comes to student loans because they work with hundreds of credit unions and community banks.

LendKey for Private Student Loans

LendKey for Student Loan Refinance

Saving Money

Why spend more than you have to on any purchase. We like these apps because they offer coupons, discounts, and rebates.

IBotta for Groceries

Upside for Gas

Rakuten for Online Shopping

Estate Planning

You must think about how to protect the wealth you’re creating. This app makes it simple and easy to do.

Trust & Will

Need more ideas? Check out the financial marketplace to discover, compare, and choose the best app for your lifestyle and situation.

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