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Road to Financial Wellness Results 2015

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Update: The Road to Financial Wellness 2015 won the Plutus Award for Best Personal Finance Collaboration Project. The project was an epic undertaking supported by over a hundred people. This would not have been possible without the support of so many people.

Jason Vitug Plutus Award Winner

We learned a great deal on the road and created a ton of memories. We met so many amazing people and heard compelling stories. The Road to Financial Wellness breaking the last social taboo about money.

What’s your Story on the Road to Financial Wellness?

Read the financial wellness stories of bloggers who participated on the Road to Financial Wellness Blog Tour:

The road trip was completed by an amazing team from diverse backgrounds: Jason Vitug, founder at Phroogal, Yaroslav Tashak and Austin Strickland of Montville, NJ; Julianna Anselmini of Union, NJ and Larry Solha of Elizabeth, NJ.

Road to Financial Wellness Missoula Stop

Team accomplishments:

  • 138 hours of driving
  • 10,218 miles of road
  • 26 major cities visited
  • 11 small cities, towns and suburbs visited
  • 37 events completed
  • 8,000+ people reached

This was all possible with the help of:

  • 4 road trip team members
  • 2 virtual team members
  • 47 personal finance bloggers and podcasters
  • 18 credit unions and credit union affiliated nonprofits
  • 12 nonprofit financial education organizations
  • 5 Twitter chats
  • 6 media partners
  • 1 national sponsor, Payoff.

At the peak of the road trip, we had a Twitter Reach of 2,156,446 with 10,062,278 Impressions for #TheRoad hashtag.

With our media partner, Wisebread, a single Twitter Chat resulted in 120,784 Twitter User Reach with 5,607,918 Impressions.

I was fortunate to share my seminar, Your Money & Mindset, 30 times in 30 different locations. That also meant my team heard the seminar 30 times. I’m sure they could recite my talk word for word in their sleep.

The event and seminar feedback was overall positive. The attendees connected with the message of evaluating one’s relationship with money, becoming financially aware and using mindful spending to purchase the things and experiences that truly add value in one’s life.

Thank you to our amazing 2015 sponsors.

Road to Financial Wellness Sponsors 2015

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