Tip Yourself Save Money Because You Earned It

Tip Yourself is a free saving money app that helps you reward yourself. Save in multiple jars for specific reasons, and manual savings habits keep control in your hands.

  • Tip Yourself has been acquired by Earnin in 2020.
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Tip Yourself is a banking app helping you save money with a Tip Jar savings method. Set up jars to reward yourself for any reason. You decided how much and when to tip such as completing tasks or going to the gym, or for any reason.

[As of June 2020, Tip Yourself has been acquired by Earnin and is now part of the Earnin App.]

When you Tip Yourself, the dollar amount of your tip is transferred from your checking account to your secure Tip Jar. Whether it’s $1 or a larger tip for something special, it’s super simple and easy. Your checking account is connected to your savings jars, but you manually and habitually tip yourself (save).

Tip Yourself Savings Account

Tip Yourself allows you to transfer small dollar amounts from your checking account into your own secure savings Tip Jar. You can use your jars as a Vacation Fund, a Rainy-day Savings Fund, or an anything fund.

Standard Tip Jars – Get 2 tip jars and when you reward yourself, you can send your tip into a specific savings goal. The standard app is 100% Free.

Premium Tip Jars (Pro Upgrade) – Access to more savings jars and features. This optional Pro version gives you access to some advanced Tip Jar such as an Automated Tip Jar, Hidden Tip Jar, and Savings Challenge Tip Jar.

Features And Benefits

  • Habit Forming – Set your jars (goals) and reward yourself when you want
  • Reward Yourself – you decide when and how much to reward yourself for things you’ve done.
  • No Fees – absolutely no transaction or service fees.
  • Savings Challenges – challenge yourself to be intentional with saving money like 52-week savings challenge
  • Access to Funds – tip yourself and withdraw funds at any time.
  • FDIC Insured – funds are held for your benefit with a partner bank and insured with “pass-through insurance” up to $250,000.

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