Tally Pay Off Credit Card Debt / Debt Manager & Consolidation

  • Tally is an automated debt manager that makes it easy to save money, manage credit cards, and pay down balances faster.
  • Consolidate credit card balances with a line of credit and make only one payment.
  • No fees. Apply with a soft credit inquiry, not impacting your score.
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Tally pay off service is a financial app helping people overcome credit card debt faster with free debt management tools.

Tally Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Tally is an intelligent financial app offering a suite of credit card repayment tools that figures out which cards to pay off first and recommends payment amounts to pay off card balances faster. With Tally, you get the most benefit with a line of credit that can be used to consolidate your credit card balances or used to make the minimum monthly payments so you never get another late fee again.


Credit Card Management – Pay all your credit cards in one convenient place. Keep track of multiple credit card payments through the mobile credit card manager. Access all your bank or store cards in one place.

Debt Manager – Track your credit card balances and make just one payment. With a line of credit, your balances are paid every month and you’ll just need to make one payment to Tally.

Late Fee Protection –  All credit cards registered with Tally are automatically enrolled in the late fee protection so you’ll never pay another late fee. It checks each of your credit card accounts to ensure you’ve satisfied your minimum payment amounts. If you haven’t made a payment, Tally will make the minimum payment on your behalf using your line of credit.

Line of Credit – An important tool in paying off credit card debt. Scan the credit cards you’d like to manage, it’ll analyze your credit profile to determine if you’re eligible for a line of credit loan with a lower APR than you’re currently paying.


  • Line of credit minimum FICO score: 660
  • Line of credit $2,000 – $20,000
  • Line of credit interest rates varies
  • Available in the following states Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin


  • No annual fee
  • No origination fee
  • No prepayment fee
  • No balance transfer fee
  • No late fee
  • No over-limit fee

What makes Tally Debt Manager and Line of Credit different?

  • Track all your credit cards and get a payoff plan – View credit card information from multiple credit cards in one dashboard and get advice on which cards to pay off first to save money and pay debt faster.
  • Instant savings with a line of credit – Start saving money with a lower APR by transferring your balances from the higher rate cards into your line of credit. Have a promotional APR that’s lower? Tally will only make the minimum monthly payment until the rate expires.
  • Simplify credit card repayment – Tally can automatically pay your credit cards minimum monthly payment through a line of credit and you only make one payment to Tally.
  • Never pay a late payment fee – With the late payment guarantee, Tally will pay your credit card minimum to avoid additional credit card charges.
  • Credit cards remain open – Tally doesn’t close your credit cards when you transfer your balances to the line of credit.
  • Pay your way – Choose to pay your credit card balances through the app yourself each month or have Tally Pay automatically.

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