What is Quizzle?

Quizzle is a website that offers users access to free credit reports from TransUnion and a free credit score updated every three months. Additionally, users have access to an array of educational information and tools to help you improve and monitor your credit.

Quizzle Main Features

Free Credit Report

Get your TransUnion credit report instantly without a credit card. Easily view your credit report summary, payment history, and other important information.

Free Credit Score

Get your VantageScore® credit score for free every three months. Understanding your credit score and how it is calculated helps you take control of your credit. If you want your FICO score, you’ll need to get that directly from myFICO.

Credit Builder Tools

Access tools to help you understand what impacts your credit score. Tools include credit comparisons, timeline, trending, and analysis. Learn why your credit score goes up and down, how you’ve handled credit in the past, how your current behavior is impacting your score on a monthly basis, and get tips to help you improve your credit situation.

Additional Quizzle Feature

Score Analysis–The information on your credit report is broken into six categories. Using the VantageScore credit score model ranging from 300-850, you’re shown what is impacting your credit score in each category.

Timeline–This feature allows you a unique view on the positive and negative moments of your credit history.

Trending–This feature tracks the key components of your credit score such as changes in your credit score, utilization rate, available credit, and existing balances.

Comparison–This is a Quizzle Pro feature that let you see what information is being reported on your credit report monthly and compare those changes from previous months and see how it’s impacting your credit score.

Monitoring–Starting at $8/month, you can add credit report monitoring that gives you 24/7 monitoring services.

Quizzle Experience

The signup process is quite simple to access your credit report. Start by entering personal information such as your social security to verify your identity. No credit card required to access your free credit report and get your free credit score.

When testing the website, I initially had issues passing authentication. I thought this was a good thing that identity security seem secure. Eventually, I was able to access my report after confirming my identity.

You may see offers to upgrade to premium paid versions of the basic Quizzle offer. They do a great job letting you know these premium services have monthly fees. If you prefer, you can skip this step and proceed to your free credit report and view your credit score. In the event you’re looking for monthly updates or ID Theft Protection upgrading may be a worthwhile expense.

How much does Quizzle cost?

To access your free TransUnion credit report and free VantageScore® credit score will cost you nothing. You will get an updated credit report and score everything three months absolutely free.

Additional Services

  • Quizzle Pro – For $8/month, you’ll get an updated credit report, score, and tools each month as well as 24/7 credit monitoring
  • Quizzle Pro+ – For $15/month, you’ll get an updated credit report, score, and tools each month as well as 24/7 credit monitoring with Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring

1 review for Quizzle Free Credit Score

  1. phroogal

    I’ve used Quizzle for years now and it’s been a reliable app that helps me track my credit score and keep tabs on my credit report. Similar to apps like Credit Sesame, Quizzle recommends loan products and cred-related services to help you manage your credit life.

    Quizzle is a legitimate and helpful website to access a free credit report from TransUnion and get a free VantageScore® credit score every three months. The credit tools are quite useful and you’ll learn a great deal about credit and what impacts your credit score. The tips are helpful in discovering ways to improve one’s credit score too. Use the Quizzle app to help you manage your credit and track your report and score.

    Is it worth using? The free service is helpful and useful. However, the Credit Sesame app may offer a better alternative as information is updated more frequently, plus you get free credit report monitoring and identity theft protection.

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