Protected Goals Account / Simple Bank

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  • An interest-bearing checking account and debit card built to help you save
  • Know how much you can safely spend spontaneously with Safe-to-Spend feature
  • Budgeting feature that tracks your progress in saving up for current and upcoming bills
  • Set multiple and specific savings goals; set an amount to save and a date to save it by
  • No monthly account fee, overdraft fees, and access to 40,000 surcharge-free ATMs
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Simple offers a bank account that is held by a partner bank, BBVA USA, Member FDIC. You also get a Simple Visa® Debit Card, access accounts through iOS and Android apps, a beautifully designed web interface, and customer support.

To get Simple’s Protected Goals Account, you’re required to open a Simple Account.

Simple Protected Goals Account

Protected Goals Account – A protected goal account works like a saving account but is a separate high-yield checking account. You can have multiple protected goals accounts for various goals you’ve set.

Features And Benefits

  • Set Specific Savings Goals – Save for anything you want or want to do
  • Automate Savings – Set the amount and times to transfer money into your goals
  • Protected Goals Hidden – Goals are hidden from your checking account
  • No Fees – no account minimum or monthly fees
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