Personal Capital budgeting helps you see all your financial accounts on one platform that includes savings, checking, credit cards, loans, and investment. This free budgeting and finance app is a robust financial tracking tool.

What Is Personal Capital?

Personal Capital is a financial services company that offer a free budgeting app and investment management services.

Free Finance Tracking App

Personal Capital’s budgeting app is a financial account aggregator and money tracker. You can connect all your bank and financial accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgage, and other investments. Personal Capital’s free finance app will summarize your situation and offer personal financial planning guidance.

What derails many people from following a budget is due to not having any useful way to track or monitor one’s progress. Sure, you completed a budget, but money is constantly moving and you’ll need some tech to help you.

I always recommend that people do a paper and spreadsheet budgeting process. But use an online resource to make the process easier and at the same time set up apps to monitor and track. Personal Capital’s finance app fits that criteria. In fact, don’t call it a budgeting app, it’s a financial app that analyzes, recommends, monitors, tracks, and help you budget money for goals.

With the free version, you’re provided personalized analysis of your financial situation. Personal Capital will look at your financial accounts (banking, credit, and loans) and investments to determine the best opportunities available to you. You will receive recommendations based on this analysis.

Personal Capital Free Version Includes: 

  • 401(k) Analyzer – Personal Capital cannot manage your employer-sponsored plan but can give your asset allocation recommendations based on all available plan options.
  • Investment Checkup – A risk assessment for your portfolio giving suggestions to help you improve your allocation to align with your personal preferences and goals.
  • Retirement analyzer – A tool designed to help you track retirement goals. You can make adjustments due to major life changes such as job and income changes, marriage, illness, childbirth or saving for college.
  • Net Worth Calculator – Track how you’re really doing with your long-term financial goals at any-time. The tool tracks your assets and liabilities.

Personal Capital Mobile App

Available for your Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android. The mobile version has everything that is available on the desktop platform. Both are free.

1 review for Personal Capital Budgeting and Finance App

  1. Jason Vitug

    My Personal Capital Review
    I write this review as a user and affiliate partner of Personal Capital. Similar to Mint, Personal Capital gives you a complete financial picture. This is a very crucial step towards financial security. Personal Capital is a must in monitoring your progress towards your goals.

    Personal Capital’s goal is to help you see how your money is being spent and how it’s working for you. The app helps you see your spending habits and may even get you to invest more for your future. At first, it may seem a bit overwhelming with all the features, but you’ll get accustomed to the data quickly.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a financial genius, Personal Capital can help you gain a better understanding of your finances. Since Personal Capital is free and a powerful and useful financial app, I recommend you use it to help you reach goals. Sign up for Personal Capital.

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