If you’re an online shopper, then you may want to consider adding Paribus to your mindful spending program. Paribus is not a scam and a legit service used by thousands of people.

What is Paribus?

Paribus is a service that offers consumers the opportunity to get a refund when an online purchase price has dropped. They do the legwork of monitoring the price changes and reaches out to support for a price-matching refund. Paribus currently monitors 27 online stores and keeps up-to-date on their price matching program.

How does Paribus request a refund?

Paribus must be connected to your email account where you receive your online receipts for your purchases. They’ll monitor your inbox. Because Paribus works behind the scenes you might forget you had this set up until you get a notification.

Concerned about having your email account accessed by Paribus? Open a new email account specifically used for online shopping.

Does it cost money?

It doesn’t cost you money to use Paribus. It is a free service.

How to start using Paribus?

There is a three-step process:

  1. Sign up for free and connect your mailbox to let the Paribus Receipt Fetcher identify purchases.
  2. Shop normally and Paribus works in the background to monitor for opportunities to get money back.
  3. Save automatically and whenever you’re eligible, Paribus files price adjustment claims on your behalf and you keep 100% of the savings.



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