What Is Motif Investing?

Motif Investing is an online brokerage that takes an unconventional approach helping you invest based on themes. A Motif trading account allows you to trade individual securities, invest in IPOs, and build a motif (a portfolio of 30 stocks), or choose from a list of purposefully built motifs.

What is a Motif?

Motifs are groups of up to 30 stocks that all fall in the same category. For instance, if you were interested in investing in emerging technology, chances are, you’d be able to find a motif with that theme.

Motif Investing is Good For

Motif is good for investors who want to easily invest in themes, buy fractional shares of stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and participate in IPOs.

If you’re looking for an investing platform that is in between a robo-advisor and a discount online brokerage, then Motif Investing may be a good platform for you.

Motif Investing Offers and Fees

Online Brokerage Service (basic)
Motif Investing offers basic online trading including alerts and watchlist. Investors can buy and sell stocks using market and limit orders. You can track and benchmark motifs and browse lists of motifs.

Account Minimum: $0 ($300 balance required to invest in a motif)
Trade Fees: $4.95 per share and $9.95 per motif

Compared with other online brokerages, Motif Investing is competitive pricing at the lower end of trade fees.

Subscription Service (premium)

Motif Blue is a subscription service bringing automated investing. It allows account holders to buy into their chosen motifs at a set frequency without paying a commission each time.

With Motif Blue, investors pay a flat monthly fee depending on the service level:

  • Blue Starter: $4.95/month to auto-invest in and auto-rebalance one motif.
  • Blue Standard: $9.95/ month to auto-invest in three motifs and auto-rebalance any professional motif. Also includes Motif Capital market reports and one commission-free trade (stock or motif) per month.
  • Blue Unlimited: $19.95/month to auto-invest in three motifs and auto-rebalance any professional motif. Includes Motif Capital market reports and three commission-free trades

What Differentiates Motif Investing?

Motifs: The thematic approach to investing is a feature that differentiates Motif Investing. Motifs is a portfolio of up to 30 stocks or ETFs. The motifs fall into two categories created by Motif Investing company experts and investors who wish to share their motifs with the community.

Flexibility: Investors can choose to trade individual stocks or ETFs having access to all US-listed securities and trade stocks in dollar amounts. For example, you purchase $1000 of Amazon rather than a full share price meaning you’ve bought a fraction of the share.

Value-based: If aligning your investing with your values, you can choose to invest in specific industries. Currently, there are three investment themes: Sustainable Planet (companies with small carbon footprint), Fair Labor (strong labor management and supply chain management), and Good Corporate Behavior (companies with strong business ethics and fraud protection)

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Get access to select IPOs with no trading commission or fee. Motif account holders can browse upcoming IPOs and indicate interest or sign up for alerts. Motif Investing offers fractional shares but a commitment of at least $250 is required to participate in an IPO which are purchased in dollar amounts, not in shares.

Things to Consider

If you prefer a hands-off approach, then consider using an alternative service. And if you’re an investor who wants to build a portfolio of commission-free or transaction fee funds, or trade with options, consider an alternative brokerage.

Now, the ability to trade 30 stocks or ETFs for one low commission makes Motif stand out.

How To Get Started With Motif Investing

Choose the option that’s right for you:

  • Open Trading Account. Make trades on your own with motifs built by professionals and the community, or build your own. Additionally, you can trade single stocks, ETFs, and participate in IPOs.
  • Open Impact Account. Invest your funds with Impact with a fully automatic portfolio that aligns with your financial goals and values.


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