Have a car and few extra hours a week? You can drive people around using your car through Lyft. The best thing about being a driver is the flexibility. You decide which days and what hours to work. Imagine a Wednesday night earning money instead of spending hours watching streaming videos.

How much can you make? It all depends on the area you’re driving in and how many hours you’re working. You can give the Lyft driving gig a try and see how it works out to supplement your income.

This is a great gig for people who enjoy driving and meeting new people. Having full-on conversations with passengers isn’t necessary. Keep in mind, you may find yourself driving some drunk people from bars during the weekends.

Lyft offers primary and contingent insurance for drivers using the app. You are typically covered by Lyft’s insurance policies when using the app. Refer to the insurance coverages.

Lyft’s driver application is easy to complete and includes a background check, driver record check, and uploading your driver’s license and auto-insurance policy.


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