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  • Lexington Law is a law firm offering credit repair services to improve credit profiles by identifying negative items hurting credit scores.
  • Assists in the removal of questionable credit report items every single day.
  • Join 500,000+ clients.
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Lexington Law is the leading law firm in credit report repair assisting its clients in the removal of over a thousand questionable credit report items every single day.

To provide phenomenal service at an extremely affordable price, work is completed by a team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants using advanced computer and web systems. Lexington Law is a group of associated independent consumer advocacy law firms focusing on credit-related issues. Each firm is owned and supervised by its respective directing attorney. Each one is a state-of-the-art law firm offering exceptional customer service.

When you retain the firm you complete a legal engagement agreement that affords you all the protections and assurances of an attorney/client relationship.

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