LendKey Student Loan Refinance / Credit Unions and Community Banks

  • LendKey connects you with local banks and credit unions to refinance your student loans.
  • Refinance both federal and private, including graduate loans, into one convenient loan.
  • No origination fees. No application fees. No prepayment.
  • Flexible repayment options, including fixed and variable rate loans with 5 to 20-year terms.
  • Checking your rate does not affect your credit score.
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LendKey Student Loan Refinance Marketplace

LendKey can issue loans in all 50 States with their 300+ partnering credit unions and banks. Through the website, you can check for the best rate for your student loan refinancing needs. Anyone considering to refinance their student loans should consider a local community bank or credit union.

The LendKey student loan refinance marketplace allows you to do a few things. Such as:

  1. If you have multiple loans, you can combine them into one brand new loan making it more convenient to stay on top of personal finances.
  2. You’ll also sometimes have the opportunity to release cosigners on your existing loans eliminating them from any liability for your loans.
  3. But probably most exciting is the opportunity to save money.

With a student loan refinance, you are replacing all of your existing student loans (or a single student loan if you only have one) with a new loan with new terms. By qualifying for a lower interest rate or reducing the payback period of the new loan, you could save thousands in interest over the life of the loan.

Learn more about the benefits of refinancing through our ultimate guide to student loan refinance.

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LendKey Student Loan Refinance / Credit Unions and Community Banks