What is Ebates?

Ebates is an online shopping website that allows you to earn cash back on your online purchases. Ebates does not offer its own products. It is a portal or directory to other online stores that sell products. They are partnered with thousands of retailers.

Each time you make a purchase, Ebates earns a commission from the retailer and they share that commission with you.

How to get cash back on your online spending

Using Ebates as your go-to website before any online purchases can help you earn back some of your spent shopping dollars. The cashback offers vary with each retailer but is a percentage of your purchase subtotal amount. For example, make a purchase at Walmart for $42.00 (with Walmart’s 3% cash back offer), you’ll get $1.26.

You must begin your online purchasing journey through the Ebates website. This becomes an additional step but necessary in order for your purchase to count.

  1. Go to the Ebates website and sign up for an account. BONUS ALERT: Join Ebates and receive a $10 bonus.
  2. Search for your retailer and click on the links or the Shop Now button.
  3. Shop as you normally would and Ebates will track your purchases.
  4. The retailer will share the purchase amount and you’ll get your cash back amount in your Pending account at Ebates.

Tips for Ebates Success

  1. Bookmark the Ebates website
  2. Do not visit a website prior to making a purchase. Always use Ebates first.
  3. Clear your web browser cookies often.
  4. Add the Ebates web browser extension for automatic cash back (optional).
  5. You can use additional coupons found on Ebates to help you save more or get free shipping (Don’t use a coupon from another website. It may void your cash back.)
  6. Have patience. It takes some time for Ebates to post cash back and payments are snail mailed to you.

Where can you get cash back?

There are over 2,000 retailers available on Ebates. You can literally find any retailer you shop often and earn back some spending cash.

1 review for Ebates Get Cash Back with Online Shopping

  1. phroogal

    A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Ebates as an easy way to get cash back from the things I bought online. I’ve been using the shopping portal ever since. I thought it was time to do a review of Ebates. It’s time you get cash back from purchases you normally make from retailers you like.

    At first, you might wonder why I’m sharing a shopping app on phroogal, but I think it’s important for you to learn how to keep more money in your pockets. I never advocate spending just to earn rewards. But Ebates can help you get some of your money back from your online purchases.

    To get cash back, you’ll need to make a minor change in your online shopping habit. Your shopping must start by going to the Ebates website first (or download the browser extension or use the app) and click on the retailer. Ebates will then send you to the retailer’s website. This is how they are able to track your purchases.

    Just in the last month, I will get back $32 from things I bought for the home. These are things I already needed. With Ebates, I can still use online coupons and codes that do not impact my cash back. You can start getting back your hard earn money too.

    Ebates is not a scam. It is a legit way to earning back cash from your spending. Here’s my advice: don’t get tempted to buy goods and services you don’t need because of the cashback offers. That defeats the purpose. Ebates is a good shopping portal because of its cash back benefit. But the benefit should not be used to overspend. Get started (use this link to get your $10 bonus) and follow the tips above.

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