Charlie Assistant Your Very Own Money Prodigy

  • Charlie Assistant is a free financial tracking app and your very own money-saving penguin friend.
  • Chat with Charlie using Facebook Messenger or SMS.
  • Get a message about your banking balances, transactions, and ways to save money.
  • Review how you’re spending your money and stay on top of your budget.
  • Simple, straight-to-the-point, friendly, and non-intrusive chats about your money.



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Charlie Assistant is the money-saving penguin helping you manage your accounts, spending and everything in between. Charlie uses Facebook Messenger and SMS to chat with you. It’s a financial AI assistant you can chat with using natural language. Simply text Charlie “hey.”

How Charlie Assistant works

Charlie Assistant is a budgeting and financial tracking tool packaged in a user-friendly chat messaging app. You can chat with Charlie as you would a friend that knows how you’re managing your money and offering advice to help you save. The messaging is casual and informative.

In order for the Charlie app to work, you’ll need to sign up using Facebook Messenger or SMS. This is how the penguin will communicate with you. Charlie does not share any of your financial transaction histories with Facebook or your cellular company. It’s simply using the messaging tool to chat with you.

Connect your banking accounts and credit cards to get a fuller experience with Charlie. The more Charlie can review how you’re using your money and credit the better suggestions the penguin offers.

Features And Benefits

There’s no app to download with Charlie. Access these features:

  • Reduce your bills – get notified about better deals and lower your bill.
  • Avoid extra charges – an assistant that watches to make sure you never pay overdraft or late fees.
  • Track your spending – get alerted on what you spend on groceries, coffee, gas or anything else.
  • Save for something – get help crunching your numbers to save money for specific goals or pay off debt faster

How much does Charlie cost

Charlie is a free financial assistant app and does not have any fees. Charlie may make its money by offering services from its partners.

Who is Charlie Assistant best for

If you want a non-intrusive nudge from a friend about your spending or opportunity to save, then Charlie is your money tool and digital financial assistant.

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Charlie Assistant Your Very Own Money Prodigy