What is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is an online shopping portal that helps you earn cash back when you make a purchase at over 5,000 retailers through their website. BeFrugal offers coupons that you can stack on top of the cash back earnings. You can also find coupons and other deals on the website.

How to get cash back on your online spending

Start your online shopping through the BeFrugal website. Find the store you’re looking to buy from or product you want and look for the deals. Click on the Get Coupon or Shop Now buttons to register the shopping session.

Using Ebates as your go-to website before any online purchases can help you earn back some of your spent shopping dollars. The cashback offers vary with each retailer but is a percentage of your purchase subtotal amount. For example, make a purchase at Walmart for $42.00 (with Walmart’s 3% cash back offer), you’ll get $1.26.

You must begin your online purchasing journey through the BeFrugal website. This becomes an additional step but necessary in order for your purchase to count.

  1. Go to the BeFrugal website and sign up for an account. BONUS ALERT: Join BeFrugal using this link and receive a $10 bonus.
  2. Search for your retailer and click on the Get Coupon or the Shop Now button.
  3. Shop as you normally would and BeFrugal will track your purchases.
  4. The retailer will share the purchase amount and you’ll see your cash-back amount on your BeFrugal account.

BeFrugal has a mobile app but you cannot do much with it. Most of the features require you or requests that you go on to the BeFrugal website I found this to be cumbersome.

Request Payment

Once you’ve hit the minimum cashback earned of $25, you can request payment via check, Paypal credit or gift card. BeFrugal states payments are sent within 10 business days.

**If you’ve signed up for a bonus, you may be required to hit a minimum cashback threshold before your bonus is paid.

BeFrugal Issues

BeFrugal works like many other cashback rewards websites but they take much longer in processing cashback. In fact, some cashback remains pending for over 90 days.

Tips for BeFrugal Success

  1. Bookmark the BeFrugal website (get a $10 bonus).
  2. Use the BeFrugal website first before visiting a retailer’s website.
  3. Clear your web browser cookies often.
  4. Download the BeFrugal app (optional and app isn’t that good).
  5. Look for coupons on BeFrugal to help you save more or get free shipping.
  6. Have patience. It takes some time for BeFrugal to post cash back and payments are snail mailed to you.

Where can you get cash back?

BeFrugal has over 5,000 retailers available on their website. You can shop at many of your favorite online retailers.

1 review for BeFrugal Cash Back and Coupons

  1. phroogal

    What’s Better BeFrugal or Ebates?
    I’ve used both Ebates and BeFrugal for a few months but discovered that Ebates far outshines BeFrugal. Ebates is simpler to use, has a functional mobile app, the website is cleaner, and the customer service is responsive. With Ebates, you’ll see your purchases recorded and cashback earnings appear in your account sooner. BeFrugal may have some higher cashback offers, but the website is clunky. And I don’t like how BeFrugal tracks purchases as pending for over 90 days.

    My Smile Summary: Is BeFrugal worth using?
    BeFrugal is not a scam and is a legitimate way of “earning” cash back from your purchases. Get started and use the tips I mentioned above to help you.

    A caveat: the signup bonus of $10 is legitimate but they require you to earn $10 cashback within the first 90 days of opening your account. For some, this is easily done since you can find anything you need from the thousands of retailers on the website.

    I prefer Ebates over BeFrugal just with transparency, user experience, customer service and speed of which earnings and bonuses are posted into account. Read the Ebates Review.

    If you still want to try and get started with BeFrugal use our link to get a $10 bonus (again, you’ll need to meet the criteria). Again, it’s free to sign up and use.

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