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  • MoneyPass Network / Find Surcharge Free ATMs

    MoneyPass Network boasts a vast network of ATMs, providing users access to surcharge-free cash withdrawals in the US and Puerto Rico. ATMs are conveniently located at banks, credit unions, retailers, and other locations.

  • Allpoint ATMs / Find Surcharge-Free ATMs

    Allpoint Network offers 55,000+ surcharge-free ATMs for cash withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquires. You can find Allpoint ATMs in popular retailers, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

  • CO-OP ATMs / Find Credit Union Surcharge-Free ATMs

    CO-OP ATMs offer members of participating credit unions access to 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs for cash withdrawals and banking transactions.

  • CO-OP Shared Branching / Find a Credit Union Shared Branch

    CO-OP Shared Branch helps members access essential in-person banking services wherever they go. It includes thousands of participating branches nationwide and spans credit unions of all sizes.

  • Coinstar / Turn Your Coins to Cash, eGift Card or Donate to Charity

    Coinstar offers a convenient and accessible solution for individuals who want to convert loose change into usable cash or gift cards. Find a Coinstar kiosk near you.

  • EcoATM / Sell Your Cellphone and Tablet Using a Kiosk

    ecoATM offers a hassle-free way to sell used electronics quickly and conveniently. The kiosks accept various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players. The automated process makes it easy for users to receive instant payment.

How to Find Surcharge-free ATMs

Do you need to find free ATMs to access your cash? Here are ways to avoid paying surcharges and find surcharge-free ATMs.

What are Surcharge-free ATMs?

Users can access cash or conduct transactions at these ATMs without incurring surcharge fees, provided they have accounts with participating financial institutions that are part of the surcharge-free network. There is no need for reimbursement because no surcharge fees are imposed in the first place.

Use your financial institution’s ATM network

This is easy if you have an account with a big bank or larger credit union. These ATMs belong to your bank or credit union allowing you to access your money easily.

Many ATMs owned by these financial institutions can be found at gas stations, drug and convenience stores, and some retailers. By using these ATMs, you often won’t be charged to withdraw, transfer, deposit, or check your balances.

Use an affiliated ATM network

Financial institutions partner with ATM networks to offer customers access to a network of surcharge-free ATMs. These ATM networks give you access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs.

Some networks include AllPoint or COOP ATMs. These ATMs are located in many locations too, but you won’t find your financial institution logo on them.

Use an account that offers ATM reimbursements

Some financial institutions offer ATM rebates or reimbursements to offset surcharge fees incurred at out-of-network ATMs. In this case, users may be charged a surcharge fee by the ATM owner, but their bank reimburses them for these fees, either partially or in full, as part of their account benefits. This allows users to access a wider network of ATMs while minimizing or eliminating the associated fees.

And lastly, avoid non-network ATMs

Out-of-network ATMs are not affiliated with or owned by your bank or financial institution. When a user of a particular bank accesses cash or conducts transactions at an ATM that does not belong to their bank’s network, they are using an out-of-network ATM.

These non-affiliated ATMs typically incur fees when you withdraw money. Sometimes, you may also pay a fee to check your balance or transfer between accounts.

Using out-of-network ATMs can result in additional fees for the user, such as surcharge fees imposed by the ATM owner and fees charged by the user’s own bank for using an ATM outside of their designated network.

These fees can vary and may add up, especially for frequent ATM users who rely on machines outside of their bank’s network for cash withdrawals or banking transactions.

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