• Robinhood / Commission-Free Stock Trading and Investing

    • Robinhood Invest offers 100% commission-free trades of stock, ETF, fractional shares, options, and cryptocurrency.
    • $0 account minimum with no monthly account fees.

    Promo: Get 1 FREE Stock with account opening. No deposit is required.

  • Robinhood Crypto / No-Fee Trading – Invest With as Little as $1

    • Robinhood Crypto is a mobile app to buy and sell cryptocurrency with commission-free trading.
    • Buy fractions of cryptos with as little as $1.

    Promo: New accounts get a free share of stock.

Robinhood Financial offers an online brokerage account with 100% commission-free trades of stock, options, ETF, and cryptocurrency.

Robinhood is the trendsetter in normalizing the $0 fee trades that many brokers have adopted.

With Robinhood, you can choose to open an individual taxable account and buy/sell stocks, ETFs, and fractions of shares.

Additionally, Robinhood offers:

  • Invest – get mobile access to the markets to invest in individual companies or bundles of companies.
  • Cash Management – Earn a competitive interest rate on your uninvested cash and gain more flexibility with your brokerage account.
  • Options – expertly trade on your bullish or bearish beliefs.
  • Crypto – access the cryptocurrency market 24/7.

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