Moven Review: Banking and Spend App

What is Moven?

Moven is a mobile-only financial services provider offering a digital account (checking account), spend tracking app, and prepaid credit card. Moven is not a bank, but partners with a bank to offer banking services through an innovative app

How Does Moven Work

Your digital account with Moven works similar to online bank accounts with a few innovative features. The Moven app tracks your real-time spending giving you a better insight into how you manage money. It makes budgeting simple.

Moven digital accounts work similar to a checking account traditional financial institutions offer without the checkbook. You receive an account number and a routing number. These numbers are important for you if you decide to use direct deposit or have funds taken out of your account through automatic transfers or bill payments.

Accounts with Moven are non-interest bearing accounts.

You connect a funding account (your primary bank account) to your Moven spending account. A funding account isn’t necessary, but make transferring money from your primary to the Moven spending account easier.

  • ATM Access – 42,000 ATMs can be accessed surcharge-free through their ATM network.
  • Depositing money – You can direct deposit your paycheck into Moven or transfer money from your existing bank/credit union account. Additionally, you can sign up for a service to deposit your check. Paper check deposits are available after 10 days which can be inconvenient. You can also deposit cash with participating retailers for a fee.
  • Note: Depositing cash can be a hassle and depositing checks are delayed so Moven is truly best if you’re digitally savvy. Direct deposit and online bank transfers are the easiest modes to get money into your Moven account.
  • Making a purchase – You can use your card number for online purchases and if you’re at physical location able to use your physical card, contactless sticker, or attached your Moven card to Apple Pay or Google Wallet.
  • Request a check – You can request a check for mortgage payments or rent.

Features and Benefits

  • Spending Alerts – Get real-time spending alerts giving you data that includes how much money was spent and when your card was used, a category of where your money was used giving you an idea of what you spend on, and compares your spending month-to-month.
  • Overall Spending – See how you spend your money overall compared to your average monthly spending. Noticing a high spending month or category can help you improve your money management.
  • Send Money – You can send money to friends or family even if they do not have a Moven account through email or text.
  • Joint Accounts – Moven offers linked accounts where you can transfer between accounts for free, but each person will have their own card number.
  • Moven Stash – A savings option that allows you to move from your spending account into a savings account for future goals.


  • Moven does not charge you to open an account, deposit or transfer funds, or make a payment.
  • Access to money using their ATM network is free, but you may be charged a fee by terminal owner outside of the network.
  • You may pay a fee for additional services or expedited service requests.
  • Moven charges a fee for closing your account at $10

My Smile Review: Should you switch to Moven Bank?

If you’re looking to manage your spending and need the additional support, then Moven may be the right financial service for you. You can keep your primary account open with your favorite credit union or bank and transfer money into your Moven spending account.

The Moven app is really effective in highlighting spending. Having a separate spending account may keep you from spending money you normally need to pay for larger bills and expenses like rent or student loan payments.

Instead of having a separate savings account you cannot touch, you can have a Moven spending account for your everyday spending. This may help you become more aware of your unconscious spending habits.

Moven Review

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A savvy and easy banking app to manage your money and track your spending.

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