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We’ve reviewed Mint a few times. Here’s are most current Mint Review. I first learned of back in 2008. I signed up for the free tool around December of that year. Mint has gone through many versions and have really enjoyed this app. The team at Mint continues to evolve the service that makes it one of my favorite personal finance app of all time.

What is Mint?

Mint was purchased by Intuit, owners of TurboTax, back in 2009. The platform has evolved to include an improved overview section and features such as multiple account transaction details, budget creation, goal setting, trend analysis, a self-contained investment portal and a financial services marketplace.

Overall, Mint is a great platform to access detailed information around your banking, spending, credit usage and investing. If you are like me, you might have your financial life spread across a number of companies. It can be a pain to log into separate accounts and more difficult to understand one’s complete financial picture.

How Does Mint Work?

Mint aggregates the financial information and transaction details of accounts you’ve added. Instead of separately logging into Chase, Navy Federal or Fidelity, you’ll be able to add these accounts in Mint and view details of the accounts in one place. You can also add your bills for cellular service, utilities, and other subscription services. Mint helps you see your overall financial picture and make better decisions.

Mint’s dashboard will calculate your income, total debt, spending, investments, and your net worth.

Key Benefits of Using Mint

A key benefit is the ability to categorize expenses that gives a better understanding of your spending habits. For example, Mint will categorize your spending on Starbucks regardless of the bank account, credit or debit card used.  I find this to be helpful if you are looking at cutting back on expenses.

Additionally, Mint does a good job in helping you set up goals by using actual data from your accounts. If you wanted to pay off credit card debt, you can set a goal. Once this goal is set you are then asked enter any missing information such as APRs and/or minimum payments for each credit card. You’ll get alerts when you hit milestones. It’s a great way to visualize financial goals.

Mint is recommending products and services. It’s important to know what options are available. Recommendations based on actual personal data is a good start.

In terms of personal data and banking information, Mint is pretty clear in the use of state of the art encryption security.

Mint Features

  • Dashboard: Aggregation of multiple external financial accounts in one place
  • Goals: Goal setting is made easy
  • Trending: Overview of personal financial trends
  • Budget: Budgeting made easy
  • Marketplace: Discover services to help you achieve financial goals

My Smile Review Conclusion: Should You Use Mint?

If you’re looking for a free app that’s easy to start and powerful, then check out Mint. This app can help you manage your money and track your finances. In my review and personal experience, Mint is a powerful resource and a must-have app for anyone looking to achieve their financial goals.

Where to learn more about Mint

  1. Open your free account with Mint.
  2. Link your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, loans, and investments.
  3. Complete your profile and start analyzing.

Mint App

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Mint is a powerful financial app that helps you manage your money and track your finances.

Start Budgeting with Mint
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