Budget Tracker and Planner / Mint

  • See everything in one place – from balances and bills to your credit score and more
  • It’s free and easy to get started and connects to
    almost every US financial institution
  • Automatically updates and categorizes your
    information from your bank accounts and credit
    cards to retirement accounts and more
  • Crunches the numbers as they happen so you know
    where you stand
  • Get product recommendations that could help save you the most based on your lifestyle and goals
Get Started

Mint is a free app helping you see your overall financial picture and make better decisions.

Mint aggregates financial information and transaction details of accounts you’ve added. Instead of separately logging into Chase, Navy Federal or Fidelity, you’ll be able to add these accounts in Mint and view details of the accounts in one place. You can also add your bills for cellular service, utilities, and other subscription services.

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