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  • Goalsetter believes kids who are early savers will be lifetime savers
  • Helps make kids financially healthy by emphasizing saving money is important
  • A savings and gifting platform that gets kids excited about saving
  • Set auto-save, or rounding up purchases towards savings, and give allowances or payment for chores
  • Lets families and friends give meaningful gifts




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Goalsetter is a savings and gifting platform that gets kids excited about saving, and lets families and friends give meaningful gifts that support their dreams.

Goalsetter Saving and Gifting

Access to Goalsetter is available online and through the mobile app. With Goalsetter, you can start a savings account for any children in your life or give a gift of savings through gifting.

Savings Account– Your kid’s FDIC-insured Goalsetter account lets them save for goals, big and small. Send your children’s savings link to family and friends in lieu of toys and gift cards for special occasions. Once your kid reaches a savings goal, transfer the money into your checking account.

Gifting GoalCards – You don’t need a Goalsetter account to give a gift to a special kid and they don’t need one either. All you need is their email address or their parent’s email address.

Features And Benefits

  • Pay what you can – no set fees allows you to pay what you can afford per month
  • Goal-based savings – kids can sign up to save for goals in 3 big categories:  saving for the future, sharing with others, spending on things that matter.
  • GoalCards: family members and friends can gift GoalCards instead of gift cards, so kids receive real money towards real dreams.
  • Auto-save/Round-Ups: parents can connect their bank account to set up auto-save or round-up their purchases, to help kids save for big goals over time.
  • Allowance: parents can set up an allowance to help kids learn to earn their own dreams.
  • It’s Lit Quizzes:  fun financial literacy quizzes are mapped to national financial literacy standards for K-12



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