Mystery Shops and Audits / Gigwalk

  • Legitimate and verified mobile app for mystery shops, tasks, and store audits
  • Find local gigs easily with a quick account setup
  • Earn money completing shops such as taking photos, interacting with an employee, and answering questions
  • Gigwalk is free for users and shops are updated frequently
  • Completed and accepted shops are paid quickly through Paypal
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GigWalk connects you to secret shops and audits to earn money. With Gigwalk, you use your smartphone to complete the shops.

As a Gigwalker you are a “contractor” for a variety of businesses who are looking for extra hands to perform store checks, mystery shops, location photography and consumer interviews at thousands of locations nationwide.

Pros: It took 10 seconds to complete the signup process. In less than a minute, you can start viewing gigs available in your area. There were hundreds of gigs available within a 30-mile radius. Payments are made to your Paypal account immediately after acceptance of the shop.  Available on your iPhone and Android smartphones.

Cons: Although there are many gigs available they are often spread across many miles. Driving to all those locations to pick up a few extra bucks might eat up on your profits with fuel costs.

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